We joined the “walk”

After my post on Friday, I joined the stomach virus crew by 5PM.  Spent some time peering over the edge of the toilet. Nice. Then Steve came home and said we needed to be thanking God that he made it home from work.  His brakes went out on the highway! He thankfully, had a trailer load of hay behind him and was able to use the trailer brakes to get his truck to slow down enough to exit.

Then by Saturday morning Steve had joined us in the stomach virus walk and our van battery was dead.  No vehicles working! Nice again.

I just got out of bed for the first time since 5PM on Friday and Steve is still in bed. Need to have truck towed in.  Need a new battery for van.  And you all thought this might contain exciting info. about adoption? We could only hope! We keep praying and chugging along on the walk.

We are so tired and fed up with all this sickness.  Just sick of it!  Tired of spraying every thing down like crazy, tired of spending days in bed and getting up to heaps of laundry and dishes, tired of cooking and noone wanting/being able to eat, tired of being tired. Please pray for our family’s health and continued safety.

So, this past weekend we joined the walk.

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