The Walk of Silence

Have you been wondering where we’ve been lately? We’re still here.  We just have been walking in silence lately.

Our homestudy was finally notarized and became official this month.  Yes, you read that right-it took 3 mths. from the time we were told the homestudy was “done”.  It took a lot of “oh, we need to have you sign this” and “we need a paragraph written about this” and so much more, along with redoing all six of our children’s medical check-ups and ours too. We continued to plug along and do as we were asked, but it was very time-consuming and cost a few extra dollars here and there. So now we can apply to other agencies if we’d like.  If we apply in another state, we have to be gone for 2 weeks(wait on ICPC clearance) if we are matched.  This would be tough as we have all of our livestock to care for and our six children would need to stay or go with us. Currently, we have our profile in with an attorney and also an agency here locally.

Every day I check the available situations on our agency’s website.  For almost 2 weeks now, there have not been any babies listed!  None! This could be a good thing- birthmoms are deciding to parent or less “activity” is happening amongst couples that are not married (most of the time the birthparents are not married).  Or this could be  a bad thing- more abortions are happening. Only the Lord knows.  We pray it is not the the bad reason.

Meanwhile, we hear the clock tick loudly as we both turn another year older next month. We know it will take a special birthmom to decide to choose an older couple with 6 biological children.  It’s funny in that so many people think that in big families, babies/children do not get as much attention.  Are you kidding?  We have arguments over who gets to hold, play with, change, feed the baby when we have a baby in the house!  They get constant attention as there is always a brother or sister nearby wanting to hold the baby. Just a lot more love to go around in big families, not less. 🙂 We continue to wait and focus on the Lord.

So, we are turning our attention to a special day coming up in May.  We will celebrate 25 years of being blessed to be married. We are planning to have a western-style party at our home where we plan to renew our vows.  God has given us a beautiful backdrop for our ceremony.  If you are local to us, we hope you will come help us celebrate!

So, we continue in the walk of silence.


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