Update Walk

Still quiet on the western frontier front. šŸ™‚

We did manage to get some of shelves put up in our extra room in the basement for our massive amount of homeschool books! This was a huge deal! They shipped them from our house in IN and we finally got them a couple months ago. Steve and the boys put them up and then the five youngest helped me put the books on the shelves. We organized (or I should say they organized) the books by biographies, chronological history, science, poetry, art, music, Christian/Bible, picture books, language arts, etc. We aren’t totally finished with them yet, but boy, is it a relief to have the books off the floor finally.

After our last post, we felt led to apply to other adoption agencies. We are mailing in our paperwork for one today. We have three more agencies that we are applying to as well. A couple of them will consider us as “back-up” options since we are not paying the big upfront application fees. So, if all their contracted adoptive families that want their profiles shown are not chosen by a birthmom, then we get a chance at being chosen. So, we are in copying and printing mode this week-copying our homestudy and printing off more profiles. I don’t know why we kept feeling like we had to stick with the agency here and the attorney here. It is almost as if there was a fog surrounding us, but now it is lifted. We are trusting the Lord will provide the answers as to how to care for our livestock for 2 weeks if we are matched out of state. We are trusting Him to provide the finances for the travel, camping/hotel stay, etc. as well. So, someone out there has been praying for us to have clear direction in this area! Thank you!

We planted some free strawberry plants today. We are hopefull that we will have a few this year and then even more next year. We enjoyed digging and finding worms. It looks like the former owner had lots of tiny bulbs in our raised bed. We are anxious to see what kind of flowers these are.

Please don’t forget about our continuous fundraisers over to the side. We still have a little more time left on the Flower Power fundraiser. However, they are already beginning to ship orders! So, get your bulbs and strawberry plants now! Please share with friends as well.

We still have quite a few fundraisers to choose from. If you are a homeschool family, please consider placing some of your schooling orders through our CBD or Amazon link to the side. No code needed, just click on it!

We are still in need of help to downsize our pictures for our online auction. Our computer is not cooperative. Anyone think they can help us? We cannot right click and downsize as many have told us. We’ve tried it several times. We cannot have this auction without the pictures. šŸ˜¦

We’ve been considering having a garage sale for the past few months, but we do not live in an area that will bring tons of customers. If you are local and willing to help us out, we’d love to have your suggestions. Maybe you know of a special center/room that we could use free of charge? Or your own front yard? We need to find a place that has a lot of traffic and would be willing to let us have the sale two days in a row. Also, if you have any items that you’d like to donate to our garage sale, please let us know! We’d be happy to pick them up from you or meet you halfway. Do you have a bag of items that you have been meaning to donate? Why not put them in our adoption garage sale?

Anyone have a connection for selling our Jacob wool rovings? We still have quite a bit of it and need to sell it. If you have a connection, please send them our way!

We are hoping to have a chance to have our profile presented within the next week. This birthmom wants a family that lives by faith. Only the Lord knows if we will have our paperwork turned in in time to be shown and only the Lord knows which family is right for this baby. Prayers for the birthmom, baby and our possibility would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, I think that sums up our update walk.

P.S. Just wanted to add that it looks like our new adoption agency is going to show our profile to the birthmom who wants a family that lives by faith. Prayers please! We continue to be WALKING IN FAITH.

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