Something is a Stir on This Walk

WOW! We asked you all in our post last week to be praying for us as to what direction to go with this adoption journey. Someone out there has been praying and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All we can say is, “something is a stir”.

Yesterday after I blogged about our wool, we had a few friends from IN contact us about either wanting to buy some of our Jacob wool or knowing someone that might be interested! We had no idea that so many of you kept up-to-date with our blog! We figured we might be boring you lately. πŸ™‚

We’ve also had a couple friends tell us they are willing/able to help us figure out the picture issue with the adoption auction online. This is great news too! So, we are praying that this weekend we will all be able to coordinate downsizing these pictures and getting them up on our auction site.

We also suddenly felt as if a fog lifted from our eyes and began looking into applying with out-of-state adoption agencies. Why we were so set in sticking with the agency here we do not know, except maybe because of the concern of being gone for two weeks. However, we have reached the point of trusting the Lord on this one. If He has a baby for our family in another state, He will provide the answers and possibly resources to allow us to be gone for two weeks. Our oldest boys have already told us that they will stay home and take care of the ranch with their grandmother if we have to be gone for two weeks. It is so kind of them to offer (and this offer came totally from them). It’s hard for us to think about leaving them behind for two weeks. They would not be there for the birth of their baby brother or sister, nor would they get to meet him/her until two weeks later. We are a FAMILY. We do every thing together and create memories together. We will do this if this is what we have to do, but oh, how we pray we can all stay together if we do have to leave the state. We would so like our oldest sons to spend that time bonding with our newest blessing. One son might be more okay with not “bonding”, but the other would definitely miss it. We know they are very capable of running the ranch while we are gone, that would not be a concern. We wait on the Lord.

So, since applying to a new agency out-of-state, we have had 7-8 opportunities come through that we may present our profiles to birthmoms! Wow! And meanwhile, our agency here has not had any new cases (or let alone any cases) for almost 4 weeks! We could be waiting an unbelievably long time here just to get a “chance” to have our profile shown. At least at the other agency, we are being given many chances to show our profile. We are once again HOPEFUL. It is good to feel this HOPE in our hearts again. I know what some of you may be thinking, “if you adopt a girl, why not name her Hope”. We have heard this many times. Baby Hope is in Heaven. She went to be with Jesus after spending almost 15 weeks here in my womb a few years ago. So, no, we would not use that name. But, yes, we do often talk of what name we would give to another blessing in our family.

Then this morning, a lady called us about boarding not one, but 5 horses here at our ranch! Am I dreaming? Pinch me! We had printed flyers a little over a month ago to take in horses to board here, but had not had one single inquiry yet! I figured it may take until summer to get some calls. And suddenly this? This would be huge! We could actually start putting away more money towards our adoption fund!

We also are offering horse motel boarding for travelers. If you know someone traveling through our area, please let them know we have a horse motel (barn) for their horses. This would not be a constant stream of income, but would drizzle in a little bit here and there. πŸ™‚

Okay, so, just this week we opened our hearts and eyes to new agencies, we’ve been asked about our wool, we have help for our pictures for our auction, and we have someone wanting to board 5 horses! Suddenly a lot of things are happening with the financial part of our adoption journey and fundraising. Something is a Stir on This Walk.

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