Walking with a New Fundraiser and Updates

We just launched a new fundraiser that will only run for 10 days! Ten days will go really fast! How can you help us? Share our link with everyone you know! Ask them to consider joining us in this walk. These are cotton t-shirts that say, “Hope Changes Everything” on them. They are fitted, so, if you like them loose, we suggest you at least order up a size. These shirts come in children’s sizes as well as adult sizes. So, hurry, we only have 10 days to raise funds with this fundraiser. Go tell everyone about it! Here’s the link: http://chromebuffalo.com/a/cb?drive=219

We are still struggling/working with the pictures for our online auction. Ugh!

We have started an account with Adopt Together, but are waiting on it to go live. We will share the link as soon as it goes live as well.

We have also been given permission to use a wonderful lady’s front lawn (thank you Ann Maurine!) on a busy street for a garage sale! We are so excited about this. How can you help? You can collect donations for us to sell (we are unable to take tvs and computers) at our sale. Some items that tend to catch attention: baby clothes and items, small appliances, housewares, small furniture (nightstand, end table, chair, etc.), children’s bikes, toys, books, etc. Ask your friends and family if they would like to donate as well. Want another way to help us? After we start collecting items, we could use help sorting and tagging items. We also would love some help on the days of our sale too! Maybe you could come help for a couple hours with keeping the tables neat or bagging items as they are purchased? Or do you know anyone that would like to do a bake sale to help us raise funds? We could have a bake sale during the garage sale too. Or a lemonade stand? If you or someone you know would like to organize an “extra” product/item/activity for our sale, please let us know! Right now the big thing is that we need donations!!!! Please help!

Now, go share our t-shirt fundraiser link! Our adoption fund will earn $11 for each shirt sold! That sure could add up fast! So, pass the link on to your friends and family NOW! Time is ticking!

This completes our post for we are walking with a new fundraiser and updates.

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