Prayer Walking Today

Please pray for us today and tonight! There is a birthmom due any moment that has chosen to have the agency choose the adoptive family. We have asked that our profile be considered. They will be looking at them tonight. This baby would be born in a different state from us. If we by some amazing chance, were chosen, it would mean we literally would have to jump in the car immediately and start driving. No time to think about who stays behind to care for the animals, groceries, laundry, meals, etc., just GO. But, then again, what are the chances that the agency would choose our family? Only the Lord knows the answer to that one, but it sure does get your adrenaline going when you think about the possibility of being chosen and suddenly rushing to a hospital a few states away!

So, we are asking that you all pray, pray, pray and pray some more for our family during this waiting-anxiously time. We also ask that you share some or all of our fundraisers with your friends! IF we were chosen at the last moment for any baby, we’d have to really scramble to pull out our retirement money to pay for the travel, fees, and accomadations in another state! We are planning to use our whole retirement account to pay for the fees as it is for the adoption, but it’d be tight with covering travel and accomadations too. Sometimes I think of how we’d love to adopt two children, but due to the high fees, it does not look possible. We do not mind using our retirement on a beautiful blessing from God. It is His money, not ours. And we will be giving a baby a safe, warm, loving home too. So, please pray for it all to come together whenever we are finally chosen, rather it be tonight or tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. Pray, pray, pray! Thank you for walking with us on this journey.

We are prayer walking today!

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