Still Slowly Walking

No word on the baby that we talked about in the last post. This is how it is. Sometimes you receive a call that they tell you, “We’re sorry, but the birthmom chose another family” or you get an email that says, “The birthmom has been matched” or you notice that the baby has disappeared from the agency’s website, so, you know there was a match made. So, even though we have received no word on the baby we wrote about a few days ago, we are assuming we were not the “chosen ones”. Steve and I are getting to where we do not feel surprised anymore. But, one son came to me and said, “Mommy, they’re never going to choose us! We are a large family! There are many other families out there with less children that have been waiting longer than us. And even though we are praying for a baby, everyone else is praying for a baby too!” Then the next day, he said, “Mommy, you said the agency would be choosing a family, but we haven’t heard any thing back from them.” Sure, we could hide all the times we are presented to a birthmom from our children and surprise them someday (we will be chosen someday, right?), but disappointments and waiting is all part of life. Trusting God is part of life too. So, someday they will be able to look back on this walk of faith that we have been on together and share with their little brother or sister (we will be chosen someday, right?)how long we waited and prayed for him/her and how worth the wait he/she was. What a blessing!

We had a few people contact us about wool and haven’t heard anymore from them. 😦 So, we have not sold anymore wool. Please, if you know someone that is interested in felting, doll’s hair, or hand-spinning, have them contact us. We still have a lot of wool and will be shearing again soon this spring. All the money we make on the wool goes towards our adoption fund. This is all-natural Jacob wool that has been cleaned and carded and wove into rovings.

Remember the lady that wanted to board 5 horses? She actually told us she would be here next weekend with the horses and would be ready to sign the contract to board. Well, suddenly she appeared today and said she decided that the horses will not be boarded in this state now. This was a huge let-down. Our oldest boys were going to be in charge of caring for the horses and in turn would make a little money off of it. So, they are disappointed. We are disappointed too as we were going to have some money to put towards our adoption fund. So, if you know of anyone interested in boarding their horses or needing a horse motel during their travels through our area, please send them our way.

It feels as if we are back to square one again in many areas. Trying to keep our chin up. Continuing to focus on the Lord and waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.

We are still slowly walking.

P.S. Just added our new adopt together fund link on the side. Please check us out! We are so excited to finally have a tax-deductible link available for everyone that would like to walk alongside us in this journey.

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