By His Grace and Mercy We Continue to Walk

As I shared with one friend, we want to be real to others as we walk through this adoption journey. We want others to see God’s glory in all things, including the ups and the downs of life. We want His light to shine through our walk. We want our children to see God’s hand in our lives. We want them to know Him through every step we take.

We admit that we do have flesh struggles. We are human. We break down and cry. We want to give up sometimes. We become frustrated. Each time the Lord lifts us back up and leads us in the right direction. Sometimes He has had to carry us, but He has always been there. He was there when I was walking in the desert after our last miscarriage. He has been there for our almost 25 years of marriage walking with us, growing us, and leading us.

Today we received an email saying that the birthmom had been matched with a family, along with a few other birthmoms as well. So, we were not chosen. 😦 I have had to fight back tears. Yes, we’d love to be chosen to bring home a little blessing and share in that love with our children, but it is not to be right now. Then I stumbled on an adoption attorney’s page that shares info. (without listing personal info.) about available situations. Each time he would share what kind of adoptive family profiles they were showing to the birthmoms. One time only two families had one or two children and all the others had no children. The ages ranged from early 30s up to late 40s. I saw this again and again. It just made it even more clear to me that our chances of being chosen are almost like finding a needle in a haystack. We do know many large families that have been chosen to adopt, but many of them have had a long wait. One family with 6 children did get chosen the first time their profile was shown, but that is not the norm.

Seeing the list of profiles being shown just impressed upon me even more what a fallen world and pathetic environment we all live in these days. So many couples are unable to have children or more children due to the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, etc. I remember my midwife telling me the last time I miscarried that miscarriages and infertility have become epidemic. She had been at midwifery for 20 years and had never seen so much infertility and miscarriages until recent years. She said it was unbelievable.

After seeing the list of profiles of couples without children, I immediately wanted to ask you all to pray for them. Pray that they may either conceive naturally or be chosen to adopt a baby. Pray that they may know the joy of holding a newborn baby in their arms. Pray that after they have that baby, they may know what a blessing he/she is in their life continually. Pray that they may raise their baby for His glory. There are so many couples/families longing for a baby or more children. Thank you, Lord, that you have given these people a longing for your blessings. Lo, children are a blessing from the Lord.

And for those of us that already have children, we are here. We are ready to take a child into our arms, love them and raise them for His glory. We know what a blessing children are and would welcome many more. We know that God is in control. He is sovereign.

It is by His grace and mercy we continue to walk.

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