I thought about titling this post, ” Of Lizards, Kittens, Scorpions, and ..”, but decided that might be too long of a title. 🙂 Did you think that we were done posting due to the post yesterday? Well, we’re still here and life continues on. The scary thing about adoption is that it can consume you. You can become so wrapped up in it that it gets kinda scary.

We did decide to do a bit different networking last night. Thought we’d never do this, but, we sent out emails to friends and asked them to think of us if they happened to know of a situation of a baby needing a home. It felt funny sending these emails out, but we’ve heard of others actually being matched because their pastor knew a pastor who knew a teenage girl wanting to make an adoption plan or an OB nurse just happened to know someone searching for a family to adopt her baby, etc. Only God knows if there is a connection out there through our emails, but we have opened our hearts and minds to this possibility. So, if you happen to know someone who knows someone that is in need of an adoptive family, please share with them about us. Oh, but don’t forget to include that we are a BIG family with lots of hands to hold a baby(we’ll try hard not to fight for a chance to hold baby) and love to go around. 🙂

Our Chrome Buffalo t-shirt fundraiser is over. We made $12. Yay! Our Flower Power Fundraiser is over too. We are still waiting to see the exact total on that, but it was over $100! Yay!

We still are continuing to have our fundraiser links open to the right side here. Please check them out. Don’t forget to use our Amazon links! A lot of you have told us you use Amazon, so, please remember to use our link each time you order! It doesn’t cost you a cent extra and gives us a few pennies on each purchase. Currently, we have our Pampered Chef Adoption Fundraiser going on until May 3. Please take a moment and look through our link. If you decide to get Mom something for Mother’s Day or something for yourself, please put our names in the host field when checking out.

You wondering about the lizards, scorpions, etc. comment? Our children discovered that the lizards were back out a few days ago. They have been catching all sizes. In fact, Lizzie, and her friends are now living in a reptile home in a son’s room! Yikes! Then they found a couple scorpion shells/skins. Then, they found the live thing! A baby scorpion was brought up to the house for me to examine. Don’t worry, I firmly told them to get it out of the house immediately. Now today they found a few bigger scorpions. Thankfully, they did not bring those up to the house. This is not the wildlife that I grew up with! Shew! I definitely could draw parallels with life and scorpions-you never know when something is going to sting you in life! As for the lizards-you never know what/who you might be stepping on. 🙂

Today we spent most of the day outside working and playing. First came lizard catching. Then came picking up hay and putting it up in the barn. While hubby and oldest did the hay, one son helped me clean up the backyard. I removed prickly tumbleweed from the yard. Tumbleweeds made me think about how we often rush forward on things (or to grab the tumbleweed) and don’t stop and think about the pricks that we may get from that rushing forward/grabbing of the tumbleweed. Ouch! It can be very painful at times.

Then after the tumbleweed time, our son brought up kittens from the barn. We enjoyed the sweet time of holding them. Our youngest daughter carries around either a kitten or lizard in her arms daily! She loves holding her “babies”. I personally would prefer the kitten to the lizard. However, she likes to put the lizard on her dollhouse furniture and “play” with it. Not much play happens as the lizard stays on the dollhouse bed with a blanket over it the whole time. 🙂

So, we are still walking on. Trying to stay focused on the Lord at all times. Trying to wait patiently while we hear the clock tick.


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