Garage Sale and Auction Walk

This past weekend, I was at the “what else can we do?” point again. It seems like we are rolling a huge boulder up this mountain daily in trying to raise funds for our adoption. And that boulder rolls over us and on down the mountain several times a month. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, we are still going back down and retrieving the boulder and starting the whole process over monthly, weekly and sometimes several times daily.

The Lord always does this to me. I cry out and grumble and question and He provides. We went to church yesterday and the first person that talked to us said she is gathering up items for our garage sale! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you Ann and Leon! Then after church another friend told us they had a couple bags of stuff in the car for us to use at our garage sale! Oh, wow! Thank you Frank and Jeanette! Another person heard us talking about the sale and said they might have some items too! So slowly, word is getting out to people that we are looking for donations for our garage sale. Yes!

Then after church another lady happened to tell me that she is a graphic designer and could help people design websites! Oh, wow again! She is going to help me with this frustrating task of downsizing the pictures for our online auction. Yippee! She is also going to let me know if there is any thing else that she could think of adding or doing towards our adoption fundraising. Thank you Hannah!

So, maybe, just maybe, we will be able to have our online auction soon! We are hoping and praying! We’ll keep you posted!

We originally thought we might have our garage sale in June, but it looks like it is going to be July now. So, if you have any thing (books, cds, clean clothes, toys, small appliances, etc.) that you are planning to donate, please consider putting it in our garage sale. Also, we are going to need help sorting, tagging, making posters, etc. for the sale. Anyone interested in helping? Anyone have extra sticker tags that you’d like to donate? How about extra grocery bags? Poster board? Markers? How about we have a sign-making, tagging party? Anyone able to help us run the sale? Donate water to sell? Anyone want to take on planning a bake sale to happen during the garage sale? Hungry shoppers don’t stay as long, but if you entice them with food, they may stay longer. πŸ™‚ There are so many areas that we could use help and it is so much more fun with friends! For your children, it could count as a service project in volunteering to help us out!

Please keep using our links on the side! Every penny counts. Every prayer counts. Every step counts. You are not helping us buy a car, take a vacation, or buy fancy clothes. Instead, you are helping us care for the orphan as God has called us to. It does not matter if you want to support foster care, domestic adoption, or international adoption, just support caring for the children of the world! Let’s not draw lines, as one friend said. Instead, we feel that we should all hold hands. Let’s all work towards giving all children a chance to have a forever home!

This ends our garage sale and auction walk.

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