The Help Wanted Walk

How can you help us give a child a forever home? There are many, many ways you can help us and some we probably haven’t even thought of! But, we thought we’d share with you all some ideas as this walk can be lonely at times. 🙂

Here goes:

1. Collect donations for our upcoming garage sale adoption fundraiser. We are in need of clean and gently used clothes (especially baby and children’s), small appliances, toys, books, cds, housewares, crafts, etc. Would you ask your neighbors, friends, family and church members if they would like to help us bring home our baby? Most likely they have a bag of something sitting around waiting to be donated. All proceeds will go towards paying the fees to adopt, legal expenses, medical expenses, etc. We are being quoted each time that medical expenses are going to be between $7,500-9,500! That is just medical alone!

2. Help us sort, clean, and tag garage sale items.

3. Make posters for our sale. Or donate the poster boards?

4. Transport the garage sale items to the sale location with us.

5. Organize a bake sale to take place during the garage sale.

6. Help us set up the garage sale, collect money, and bag items for customers.

7. Help us advertise the sale-newspapers, Craigslist, KSL, posters, etc.

8. Tell everyone you know about the garage sale and invite them to come and shop!

9. Help collect items from freecyle and ended garage sales for our sale. We always explain to people what we would like to use the items for and most people are more than willing to give us their leftovers from a garage sale or the items they listed on freecycle.

10. Help us with our current Pampered Chef adoption fundraiser. We did not sell enough to count our party as a “party”. So, we cannot receive any of the profit. 😦 So, we are extending the sale for another week or so. Please share our link with your family, friends, church family, and neighbors. Please ask them to include our names in the host field for credit. The link is over to the right. We need to sell at least $50 more worth of product to be counted as a party.

11. When you get ready to place an order through Amazon, use our link. Or how about CBD for homeschool books, Christian music, movies, etc.? Please use our link!

12. Watch for our online auction that we are currently working on. When we post the details, please share with others.

13. We are hoping to have an Usborne Books fundraiser in front of a local store. We are halfway there to approval to use the front of their store space. We will share details when we have date and times set. After getting the details, please share with others and if you are local, please stop in and shop!

14. Pray for our garage sale, online auction and Usborne Books fundraisers to go well. Pray for good weather for the two that are outside. Pray for people to share the information with others.

15. Pray for our future baby. Pray for our future baby’s birthmother and family.

16. Pray for our family to have wisdom every step of this journey. Pray for us to have peace as well. Pray for us to raise the funds that the Lord would have us raise through the fundraisers that He leads us to. Pray that we have ears to hear how we are to raise these funds.

17. Pray for each item in our online auction to sell for reasonable prices.

18. Pray that we may live out the Gospel through our adoption and give God glory in all that we do continously.

19. Pray about how the Lord would have you become involved in our family’s journey or another family’s adoption journey.

20. And last but not least, be here for us. Let us know that you are praying for us, want to help, share info. with friends, have a fundraiser(have any ideas?) for us, come visit us, call us, email us, etc. We need to know you are walking with us!

This is the help wanted walk.

P.S. We have set a goal of raising $1,000 by June 8th. Won’t you help us reach this goal?
P.S.S. Please take a moment and read this article. We have lived half of it so far and can so relate already.

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