Eyes on the Lord Walk

We continue to keep our eyes on the Lord, although it can be a struggle from time to time. Sometimes we want to drop our chins and fall to the ground.

Ho hum, when are we going to have exciting news to share? Only the Lord knows.

Our profile has been shown a tenth time. No word, so, that is probably another “no”. Inquired about a few other infant situations, but still waiting on info. with those. Also, inquired about 10 different sibling groups. Yes, TEN! Some of them have as many as 7 children in them. Yes, that number is correct. However, we have received different responses such as , “We’ll get back to you in 30 days” or “The caseworker feels these children need to be in a home without any other children” or “This sibling group is on hold” or “We already have enough applicants for this sibling group”. You can’t say we haven’t tried every angle. We’ve inquired on infants through agencies and attorneys. We’ve inquired on sibling groups and single children that are available for adoption from the foster care system. We’ve continued to fundraise so that someday when we finally get chosen, we will be able to pay the fees to adopt. We’ve continued to talk and share with others. We’ve prayed and prayed. We only want to do what the Lord wants us to do. We’ve prayed that we will not walk after our flesh, but be His hands and feet.

Why is it such a long wait? Why so much paperwork and money? And yet, these children all need homes! They all need to be loved and have a forever family. We read the books about how it is a biblical mandate to care for the orphan. We open our Bibles and read about caring for the orphan. We have stepped up to answer this call. We are here with our hearts and hands wide open. Ready, willing and able.

This is our eyes on the Lord walk.

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