Walking Towards our Garage Sale Adoption Fundraiser

Since we last posted, we have celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a party and the renewing of our vows. What a beautiful ceremony. I spent most of it in tears! Steve surprised me with a beautiful letter he had written to me and our children. He read it in front of everyone and I do believe there were several moist eyes in the group after he finished. What a blessing he is in my life and our children’s lives. I thank the Lord daily for blessing us with Steve. He is my best friend and love of my life. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

We were so blessed that in just 8 months time, we have made so many friends that our home was filled with their presence and love during our celebration. Thank you Lord for bringing these beautiful people into our lives. We love them dearly! They gave us beautiful memories of our 25th!

We have also been blessed with more donations this past week towards our upcoming sale on June 1st. Yesterday, a lady gave us a huge portion of her leftover garage sale items for our sale. She just met us yesterday! They even loaded it into our van for us! Wow! We were also given donations for our sale at church today. Thank you Ann and Leon! Our friend, Hannah, has volunteered to come help for an hour or so during the sale on Saturday! Thank you Hannah!

Another friend, Ann Maurine, donated stickers for us to put prices on! Thank you Ann Maurine! Plus, Steve’s Mom and Ann Maurine are saving grocery bags for us! Awesome!

This week is going to be busy with continued work on our garage sale. We are continuing to organize garage sale items, price items, transport items to our place for the garage sale. We are having the sale at a wonderful friend’s place on a busy street! We are so thankful that Ann Maurine has offered her yard for our sale! 🙂 Will we manage to get all the items organized, priced, and transported in time? Plus, we have to make signs! Praying the Lord provides extra hands in all this busyness! We sure could use extra hands right now.

If you have any donations or would like to help us, we still have six days before the sale! Please consider joining us this week! We’d love your company and help! Please pray that the weather is wonderful and the sale is a success!

We continue to be walking towards our garage sale adoption fundraiser!

P.S. Our profile was shown again this past week- twice! We have already heard one “no” out of the two profile showings. We are waiting on word from the other showing. This particular situation only had two profiles shown to the expectant mom-ours and another family’s! So, we have a 50% chance of being chosen, but we all know how tough our family is about being matched! Anyway, like my dear friend, Joanna, said, we have a 100% chance of being matched with the baby that is right for our family regardless when, who, or where! We continue to trust in the Lord!

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