Cryin’ and Head Bangin’ Walk

Wow, our stats show that we have had more people than ever before check out our blog lately and now I get on here to share our whining and disappointment today. Well, we said we wanted to be real and let others see God’s hand in all things through our story of our life. so, here we are!
The real ones!

Our profile was shown twice last week. Hubby received a text on Friday that we were not the chosen family for one of the babies. Then today I emailed another agency that had shown our profile last week to see the status on it. We were one of two families presented. The expectant mom chose the other family, I was told this morning. Okay, I want to just fall flat on my face and cry, cry, cry, cry and bang my head against the wall. All kinds of thoughts run through our heads- should we redo our profile? Should we put new pictures in the profile? Should we rewrite the text of our profile book? Should we apply to work with some consultants/referral agencies? Should we apply to more agencie? Should we give up? Should we rethink every thing? Should we have our profile shown on situations that require more money than we are comfortable with spending? Should we just close our eyes on those situations and say, okay, go for it? Should we….

This profile showing is tough on a person. Then you hear the stories of families showing their profile once and they are chosen! So, you start thinking there is something definitely wrong with your family. Or stipulations are put on what kind of adoptive family the expectant mom is looking for. Some of them that have babies of another ethnicity want families that already have adopted babies of other ethnicities. That leaves us out. We aren’t there yet. Then other EMs want families with no children or only one child. We’re out on that one too. Another EM only wanted a Southern Baptist family to adopt. Not there on that one either….does it count that we have attended Baptist churches amongst many others in our 25 years of marriage? And the requests go on…

We have to keep focusing our eyes on the Lord and trusting that He has a baby/child out there for us. Even if it sometimes means pulling ourselves up off the floor and wiping our tears away.

We’ve inquired on numerous sibling groups and been rejected. We’ve learned that most of these sibling groups that are listed for adoption have too many emotional, behavioral issues to allow our family with young children to adopt them.

We have held our hands wide open to what ever path the Lord wants us to walk through and we continue to pray and ask for His guidance. Praying we can see and hear clearly.

This past weekend, we were given a beautiful gift towards our adoption fund from dear friends. Just when our shoulders are beginning to slump, someone shows up to pat us on the back and encourage us. We are so thankful.

We have also been given more donations for our upcoming garage sale. Thank you Robby and Lory! Thank your neighbor for us too! Thank you Ann! We are still taking donations! If you have something, please let us hear from you or drop it off. The sale will be in Sandy, so, if you are in the area, please drop by on Saturday! We also could use some help during the sale or with transporting the items to the sale location. Anyone available?

We’ve been on the cryin’ and head bangin’ walk.

P.S. Our fund is now up to $2,353!!!! Slowy we are getting there! Day by day!

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