Propping Our Chins Up on This Walk

Tomorrow is our big garage sale adoption fundraiser! Please join us in praying for good weather, safety (on a busy street), good health, and lots of sales throughout the day!

We received more donations from our pastor’s family yesterday! Thank you Robby and Lory! You all are so awesome!

If any of you are in the area and would like to help us tomorrow, please feel free to stop by and help bag items, organize tables, etc. We don’t have much in the way of a bake sale. If you have any donations to make towards that, we’d gladly accept them! Or help us box everything up after the sale is over at 3PM. Got donations? Feel free to bring them by in the morning! And of course, you all are welcome to come shop ’til you drop! đŸ™‚

We heard back about another profile showing yesterday afternoon. The Expectant Mom chose another family. Another hard pill to swallow. We have inquired on children available for adopting from foster care, but nothing has come to fruition (or looks like it will in this area) for us. We continue to search the “waiting children” list daily for new children that might fit with our family (according to the caseworkers) through adoption. We continue to check the different agencies’ sites for new baby situations. There are a few situations right now that we could ask about, but the fees are just too high for us at this point. It’s hard to watch the babies be listed and yet, you know that your family cannot afford the fees to even consider adopting him/her.

So, we are struggling with feeling upbeat and positive today about adopting. The Lord has clearly not turned us away from adoption. He has not said “no” to us when we have wavered and asked about walking away. We continue to ask Him what He wants us to do. What is best for our family? Who belongs in our family? Waiting is so hard. It seems as if we are just propping our chins up so as to stay focused on the Lord and what He wants. We do not know the answers. We only know that we keep feeling the need to continue fundraising, saving money like pack-rats, sharing our story, and waiting on the Lord.

Sometimes we are propping our chins up on this walk.

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