Garage Sales, Book Sales, and Profiles Walk

We made $167.85 at our garage sale on Saturday! Yay!!! A big thank you to our dear friend, Hannah, who came out and helped us organize the clothes and collect money for a couple hours! Another big thank you to our friend, Bob, who showed up with tons of wonderful books to sell! And a huge thank you to Ann Maurine for allowing us to use her yard/house all day and Steve’s Mom who cooked for us and helped entertain our littles all day! It was a beautiful day!

Now we are gearing up for our next garage sale adoption fundraiser on June 15th, Father’s Day weekend! If you’d like to come shop or help, we are having it here at our ranch all day. If you have any donatations, we’d still gladly take them! We are in need of girls’ clothes and items, housewares and linens. So, if you have some, please give us a holler and we will come get them!

We are also gearing up for a homeschool book sale the end of this month. So, if you have some educational books that you’d like to find a new home for, please consider donating to our table!

As you can see, we’ve been working hard this month already! We are continuing to fill out paperwork for agencies at the same time as well as reproduce many more profiles. After some agencies show your profile, you have to reprint more for them. So, that adds in more time and money to the game! We also, know that in about 4 months we need to restart doing our background checks and fingerprints again. Yes, it’ll be that time again, believe it or not. We need to do them about 6-8 weeks before they run out. So, we are praying that we are blessed with a baby before we need to redo all of the background/fingerprints again. As you all know, we’d love to be blessed with a baby today, but obviously we must wait on the Lord’s timing and not ours.

Again, if you’d like to contribute to our journey, please prayerfully, consider shopping through one of our links to the right side here or making a gift to our Adopt Together Fund (you can use this on your taxes!!!) and you will help us get one step closer to our goal! We are so thankful for you choosing to walk this journey with us.

Our profile has been shown this week twice. That makes 15 times to show our profile now. Haven’t heard any thing back on either showing. One showing was for a baby that is a few months old and the other is for a baby due in September. Only the Lord knows. We also were again told that our family dynamics do not fit with a sibling group that is up for adoption. We’ve learned that one! Adopting a child/children that are up for adoption from foster care is not looking to be a possibility for our family at this point.

We still don’t have our auction up. We were hoping to have some help with it, but it doesn’t seem to be good timing right now. Anyone out there want to take our items for the auction, take the pics., load them up on the 32 auctions site and then start the auction for us? We just cannot downsize the pics. on our computer and this is what is holding up the whole process. This is so frustrating.

We are also inquiring about having an Usborne Book Fair in front of a local store next month. This would also help us raise more funds as we would receive a percentage of the sales. Still waiting on answers from the store.

Well, this ends our garage sales, book sales, and profiles walk.

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