Heartbroken Walk

Can’t talk much…other family backed out on baby boy last night..got call late for us to come get him….still had his bags packed….short some money, but trusted God would provide between the time we left and arrived in CA…need to do a drive there and take some of our children, plus, leave some behind to care for animals, etc…..were to be gone 2 weeks….at first didn’t tell us exact time we needed to be there…thought we had time…scurried to pack more bags and make plans for help with children staying home….birthmom failed drug test for cocaine….said she only did it once, but only the Lord knows…then we found out we would need to be there sooner than thought…we couldn’t do it….many tears…saw son with tears yesterday as he walked away….just can’t bring myself to look at the bags that are packed waiting to leave on the floor…the infant seat waiting by our truck….the new available adoption situations….can’t talk about it…so many questions swirl through our heads…tears flow.

Heartbroken walk.

Update at noon:

We were told late last night that we had to be to the hospital by noon today. We told them we couldn’t guarantee we’d make it in time, but if they’d extend the time, we could do it. We also told them if they couldn’t find anyone else to come get the baby, we would be glad to go. They never called us back. However, today a little before noon on an adoption group that we are on, someone posted about him that he was born yesterday and needed a family NOW. WHAT?????? We had said we’d come get him, but just needed an extension of time and they NEVER called us back. And yet, they called others and it got posted on a group?????? We are sick to our stomachs at how this has gone down. The original poster just posted that he found a family. Lord, protect our hearts, families, birth families, and babies. This is sad, scary business. Are we now at the bottom of the list with this agency because we wouldn’t come on their time? But, yet, they found a family today? What are our chances now with this agency? Lord, help us.

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