24 Hour Blessing Walk

Shew! In less than 24 hours, we have been blessed several times! Wow!

Yesterday afternoon we received a call from some people who wanted to use our horse motel last night around 10PM. We agreed to be here at that time and that we had a stall available. Our first customers!
They called around 9:30PM and said it’d be at least another 2 hours before they’d reach us. So, we went to bed.

But, before they called us at 9:30PM, we received a call from our neighbor asking if we’d like to use his 65 fenced acres to run some cattle on! Praise God! We will (Lord willing we get the calves) have grassfed beef this winter! God is so good to give us this blessing! We can feed our family between our lamb meat, elk (Lord willing we get some this year), goat milk, eggs, and now beef! He is providing for us abundantly! We are already asking friends if they’d like to have us raise some beef for them as well.

Back to last night. The people called us at 1:30AM! Steve got up and went down to meet them. This turned into a moonlit walk for Steve with a lady and a horse! The lady could not get her little 4 cylinder truck with the huge horse trailer on the back of it, up our mountain. She called a quarter of the way up for help. Steve drove down to her and saw the horse (with the horse in it!) trailer on the very, very, very edge of our driveway ready to dangle off at a moment’s notice! She had tried to back it up. Steve didn’t want to panic her, so, he told her to keep her foot on the brake (which she shares she does not have an emergency brake that works and no electric brakes on the trailer either…aaggh!) while he went back up to our house. He got the chains and some wood blocks to chock the tires. He pulled the chain with his truck after crawling under her truck and hooking it on. He made sure is had good tension and then chocked her wheels. He then told her it would be best to get the horse out “now” and walk her up to our barn. So, he and the lady walked up the rest of our .7 mile long drive in the dark to our barn, with her horse. She felt so bad about all the work Steve had to do for that hour (they finished at 2:30AM) that instead of paying us the $15 fee for a night in the stall, she gave us $40!!!! Wow!!! So, we have more money in our adoption fund today! And what an awesome husband I have!

Then this morning, a lady called Steve. She had seen our adoption fundraiser ad on the local news site and wanted to know if we were adopting a pet or a baby. He told her “a baby”. She proceeded to tell him that she wants to give her stuff to someone who will put it to good use. She is moving to TX soon. She wants to give us things this Friday for our sale on Saturday and then again in about 6 weeks so that we can have another sale!!! And here I just said yesterday that we were going to take a break from fundraising! I guess God has other plans for us! 🙂 Anyway, another blessing from a total stranger today!

Then (I’m still not done w/the 24 hrs yet) the caseworker from the agency we have been using since Dec. (you know, the one who we “had” a baby boy with momentarily over the weekend) calls to say that one of the profile showings to an expectant mom that we did earlier has a change in plans. The EM is having second thoughts about the family she chose and wants a Christian family instead and would it be okay if they showed our profile to her today? They will tell this mom that we are planning to show our profile tomorrow as well, and that we really need to know if our family is in or out in her decision today. Ironically, this baby meets those “druthers” that I spoke about yesterday. I hope you all know that we are not putting requirements on the gender, ethnicity, state of birth or season of birth. We are just being honest about what situations we keep being drawn to. We are open to where ever and to whom ever the Lord leads us to. We know He is sovereign. His ways are so much better than ours.

Anyway, we are being blessed with our 18th opportunity to present our profile (second time to this EM) today. The Lord knows the outcome of all this. We continue to walk in faith. We continue to ask His guidance in all we do.

Then throw in some more blessings today. We were able to enjoy several games of Apples to Apples, play outside, read many books together on the couch and on our bed, study fibers and various items under a microscope, play musical instruments, and draw pictures. What a blessed day together we have had. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with our children and enjoy them each day. I thank the Lord for His blessings in our family.

We thank Him for the 24 hour blessing walk.

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