Just Give Me Jesus on this Walk

Jesus. The mere name brings to mind so many images, comments, thoughts, stories, etc. Today I am sharing Jesus in my life with you.

The Lord has shown us how where one’s heart/priorities are, can tell a person where Jesus is in his/her life. Our family does not have a lot of possessions, money, activities, etc. We can’t keep up with the Jones, nor do we try. But, we do have something that many in this world do not have-Jesus. We have been through a lot of losses in the past 5 years, but we are so thankful for them.

We have lost all of our upholstered furniture, many books, clothes due to mold in our house in New England. Thank you Jesus, for allowing us to lose these items as it has allowed us to give to others when they have suffered through mold in their house and had to restart housekeeping all over. Thank you Jesus, that you have given us this experience to share with others about the hazards of mold.

We have lost jobs-three times. Thank you Jesus, for allowing us to lose those jobs as the ones you provided later were so much better for us. And when they weren’t better for us, you allowed us to see more clearly what exactly our family needed through the tough years at the “bad jobs”. Thank you for giving us the understanding and empathy for others who have lost jobs. Thank you for giving us the desire to help others connect and find jobs as we know too well the feeling of urgency in finding another job.

We have lost family members. Thank you Jesus, for giving us the many years we did have with our family members. Thank you for the memories that we will always carry in our hearts. Thank you for allowing our family the pain of losing a loved-one, so that we may share in the sorrows of others when they lose a loved one.

We have lost two babies. Thank you Jesus, for allowing me to carry our babies on this earth for 13-15 weeks at a time. Thank you for allowing us those days to pray each day for our little one and thank you for another day with him/her on this earth with us. Thank you for those miscarriages as it has allowed us to see how special life is and how we are so blessed to have you in our lives carrying us during the heartache. Thank you for giving us such a strong longing to get to Heaven.

Thank you Jesus, for allowing our children to watch us cry out to you in pain, sorrow, worry, concern, and heartache. Thank you for allowing them to watch us walk in faith daily in our lives. Thank you for allowing our children to see us stumble and then get back up to follow you. Thank you that our children know you and love you. Thank you for our children here on earth and in Heaven.

Thank you Jesus, for calling us to follow you to New England, Utah, in adopting, in raising children for your glory, in sharing our testimony with complete strangers, in having a love that brings us to tears at times for you. Thank you Jesus for that cross that you died on for us.

We are so thankful for all the suffering we have had in the past, the longing for friendships, the losses, the struggles to fundraise in this adoption journey, the questions that we have been asked, the testimonies you have given us to share with others, and most of all our faith in Jesus through all this.

Just give me Jesus on this walk.

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One Response to Just Give Me Jesus on this Walk

  1. Hannah says:

    Amen! Thank you for sharing, and for encouraging others through your sharing, dear sister!

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