Update Walk

We’ve been asked by a few of you how our profile showings went last week. The “repeat showing” was a “no go”. Then today we heard back from the situation with the expectant mom who was from a town exactly 1hr. and 12 mins. from where Steve grew up. They left us a message that said, along these lines…she liked your profile, but “she didn’t want her baby in family with a lot of children”. I haven’t cried. I did want to and tears did well up in my eyes, but I haven’t cried-yet. Our family is complete and too big in many, many others eyes. Yet, never can I find in the Bible when our family is considered complete or when we are to stop wanting to open our hearts and home to an orphan.

Today as I visited at a friend’s house, we talked about how our first children were “guinea pigs” in so many ways. Not that we wanted it that way, but that that is how it tends to work with first-borns. The other moms shared with me the same thing that we have thought-after having children, one has a much better grasp of parenting. Why wouldn’t an expectant mom want a more experienced set of parents for her baby? Because the world, the media, books, magazines, etc. say that large families are not “normal” and that all the children get lost in the shuffle and never get any attention. Do we think that childless families should be excluded in adoption? Absolutely not! They should have first chance at all situations that they are interested in! However, it is hard to read through applications for different agencies that require you to be a childless family to adopt or that you may not be older than such and such age. Isn’t it better to have older parents than no parents?

So, it is the same issue as usual. Our family is too large and scares the expectant moms. Plus, our social worker told us that with our sea of eight, white faces, that will make it harder for someone of another ethnicity to choose us possibly. We continue to focus on Jesus in this walk. Who does He want us to love and share our life with?

Update on fundraising-we made about $47 at our garage sale on Saturday! Little by little, we are stepping towards our goal.

We are participating in a homeschool book sale next week. Hoping that will bring in a few more funds as well.

Today a friend surprised us with a donation to our adoption fund. She said she had some money left over from buying shoes and clothes this spring and wanted to donate it to our fund! Thank you Hannah! What a beautiful surprise in the mail today!

Been spending a lot of time praying about what we should do in this adoption journey. Where should we apply to, besides the places we have already applied to? Are we to be looking in another area? We also have signed up for some classes on older children and sibling groups. This will give us a certificate to add to our homestudy. Hope we don’t become “over-qualified”! LOL!

That’s about it for the update walk.

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