Busy Walk

The past few weeks have been very busy for our family. One night we picked up three calves. Then the next couple nights we picked up hay bales out of the field and put it up in our barn. We had our book sale (didn’t sell a thing) and met a really nice lady that offered us her yard to have another sale at. Thank you Ann! Then we picked up three more calves on another night this past week. Having the calves has added in new chores for all of us again. We will have these chores until almost winter-time. Plus, we continue to milk our goats every day, care for our sheep, poultry, horses, etc.

Oh, and we had another horse motel guest last night! He had been rescued 8 years ago in Bakersfield, CA. The people that rescued him thought he was lying there dead at the time. He and 19 other horses were “saved” from horrid conditions. Jordan is a beautiful horse today. He is a painted, thoroughbred, over 16 hands tall horse. However, he still carries separation anxiety to this day with him if his owner that saved him, leaves him. So, we babysat him last night until they came back for him early this morning. He is like a huge dog that cannot let his owner out of his sight. Horses don’t forget what they have been through. I am sure that this is the same way with children that are adopted too. Life may change and get better, but the pain is still there in the deep recesses of his/her heart. I have read about studies on adopted newborn babies. They still don’t know for sure, but feel that the newborns still have a time of grieving when they no longer hear the voice that they have been hearing for the past 9mths. in utero. I’ve also read of adopted children who spent most of their growing up years feeling as if someone/something was missing in their life all the time. Only the Lord knows what kind of bond forms in the womb, but I am sure the newborn babies are affected by it.

We have been waiting on news back from profile showings #19 and #20 this past week. Yes, those numbers are correct. We’ve shown our profile 20 times. We also were offered a chance this past week to go get a baby all the way across the country on the East Coast. Sadly, we had to say “no” as we had no way of getting there in the time that they needed us there to sign papers, and Steve’s Mom who stays with our children is back in IN right now. So, she couldn’t get back here fast enough for us to then take off and sign papers in time for the baby. Plus, we would have to be gone for two weeks, and we could not just up and leave all 6 of our children w/a friend for that length of time. I was a bit shocked at how easily I said, “no”, but realized that there was no way we could swing all the flying, driving, etc. in such a short time. We know that God knows how things will play out in this journey and He is in control at all times, even when we think we are in control. He knows all. We know that obviously that baby was not meant for us, as the obstacles were too great on that specific day. He has His reasons.

We were asked yesterday from another agency if we’d like our profile shown for a baby due in a few months. We had to let them know that we can’t at this time as we are waiting on word back from the other profile showings. She told us to let her know ASAP if we can show our profile with them. Tomorrow I will check with the other two agencies and see if they have any decisions made with the expectant moms yet. It’s getting a bit ridiculous these days with profile showing. It’s like we are tossing a hat here, a hat there, another hat over there and then we continue on learning about new situations. It’s no longer the big, huge deal that “oh, our profile is being shown!!!!! This might be our baby!” . Now it’s “what’s the chances that this expectant mom will choose us? We already know that we are older and have a large family which is against us….ah, well, what the hay..go ahead, show our profile” I actually “forgot” last week that we were showing our profile to two different expectant moms. No joke! I think this is probably for the best though as it keeps me from being on pins and needles waiting for that phone call with the decision. I’ve just been going on about life-laundry, animals, cooking, cleaning, reading, errands, etc. Looks like we’ll beat that lady I told you all about several months ago, that said their profile was shown 22 times before they were matched. We may even set a record in how many times our profile is shown! LOL!

We’ve had people (both adoption agencies and others in the adoption world) tell us that the more flexible we are, the faster we will be matched. We then share with them that we are open on race, gender, some drugs(amazing as we as birth parents would never do these, but we are willing to love a baby whose birth mother did), some drinking, smoking, some(actually a lot) family health issues, some special needs, etc. We notice after we share this, they usually become pretty quiet as they don’t have an answer for why we are not being chosen after all these profile showings. We are reminded however to not take it personally. God is refining and sanctifying us through this walk. He knows where we are going and who will be in our family. Not on our time, but on His.

We have added a new fundraiser (I know I said we were taking a break, but this fell in my lap) to our links on the right side here. It’s called Thredup. Please check it out and share it with your friends! Right now they are matching up to $1000! If you could ask all your friends to join you and fill a Clean Out Bag (ask thredup for one)for our fundraiser, we could get even more money through their match program! They are only doing this match program for a short time, so, please share this info. with others and help us raise more funds! We need to be ready when God finally says “yes” to us and drops a baby in our lap! 🙂

I have been listing items on ebay that people had donated for our sales. That in itself is time-consuming. I begin by laying out the items, taking pictures, uploading the pics. to our computer, and then listing the items on ebay. Then we package the items up that sell and ship them. Every little bit counts!

We are also still collecting old cell phones and printer cartridges to turn in for money, if you have any! Check around your house and check with your friends!

If you homeschool, please consider ordering your curriculum and planners through the links to the side (ie…CBD, Well-Planned Day). Please share with your homeschool groups and ask them to use our link as well. I know tons of homeschoolers use CBD and Amazon and Well-Planned Day planners, so, if you could just share the links with your groups, we’d be ever so grateful!!!! Every penny counts!!! We’d both benefit!

If you order through Amazon, please consider using our link to the side as well!

Don’t forget to think about changing to a different type of coffee and supporting us at the same time-Just Love Coffee link!

Plus, there are many more links to choose from at the right that will help us raise funds!

Those of you who have used our links, thank you, thank you! You are awesome! We don’t know all of you, but you know who you are and God knows you! We so appreciate your support!

We continue on our busy walk.

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