I Got a Job on this Walk

Just a quick note! Not only do I get to keep my “job”/blessing of being a wife, mother, and teacher, but now I also have an outside job too! I am hoping to raise some money to help with our adoption funds. It’d be nice if I could raise enough funds to cover our travel and/or legal fees.

So, guess what I’m doing? I’m selling Usborne Books! Yes! I am so excited! As many of you know, we love books at our house and this will just be adding to our enjoyment even more! I literally have just begun today! So, if you’d like to have an online Usborne Book showing, let me hear from you! If you are local and would like to do a book showing, just give me a holler! If you’d like to just shop online and order some books through my website, please check out: http://W3657.myubam.com .

As an incentive to me for signing up, I get to award double free books for all shows that are $250 plus in orders! You benefit too! I only get to do this for the next 12 weeks, so, if you’d like to book a showing, now is the time to do so!

Or if you want to sign up to be a consultant, please do so through the website!

Please share my website with your friends and family! This is the way that we can raise more funds to adopt by getting the word out to everyone! We really could use your support in this, by sharing our website with your friends!

Also, if you know anyone wanting to raise funds for their adoption, I would be thrilled to do a fundraiser for them too!

Our family is committed to doing as much work as needed to raise funds to adopt our baby and this is just another avenue!

So, there you have it- I got a job on this walk!

P.S. We are now showing our profile for the 22nd time! We may just pass that lady I told you all about, this week! 🙂 Only the Lord knows.

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