Loving Them Walk

First a quick update, I have a party booked at our house and online for Usborne Books. I invite you to come over, if you are local and see what Usborne Books has to offer or check out our website online. 100% of my commission is going towards our adoption. Praying we can raise enough to cover legal fees and possibly more. If you know anyone fundraising to adopt, please let them know that I will do a fundraiser for them!

We had three more horse motel visitors on Tueday night! A horse transporter and his wife were traveling through and decided to try us as we are new! Wonderful folks from CA! Loved talking with them and learning the stories on the horses. They’ve rescued over 1000 foals from the Premarin horses. Research Premarin foals and that will give you a whole new perspective on things! So, a few more dollars went into our adoption fund on Wednesday morning! 🙂

We are up to showing our profile a 22nd time today. We are still waiting on word back from #19 and #20 from earlier this week. I find myself praying fervantly for one of these situations more than others. In the beginning of this walk, we were open to very few drugs if any and would have been appalled to know that we would hear of such depressing, lonely, sad, situations that these babies are often coming from. We lived in such a bubble before this. We see clearly now out of our bubble in this area. I find myself praying for the Lord to give us the baby that has a birthmother on drugs, is a prostitute, has been raped, smokes a pack a day, is living in a homeless shelter. I pray the Lord will allow us to LOVE this baby like he/she needs. That He will allow us to raise him/her for HIS glory so that he/she may know HIM and love HIM with all his/her heart. I want the unwanted. I want the forsaken. I want the lonely. I want the weak. I want to hold that baby in my arms and tell him/her how much Mama and Dada love him/her and that he/she is HIS. I want to tell him/her about the awesomeness of our God. I want to share our story of waiting and longing for him/her and the faithfulness of our God. I want our children to see that we are all created in HIS image and that we are to love one another. Lord, give us the babies that come from the broken-hearted, the lonely, the sad, the appalling situations. Let us love them and raise them for Your glory! Let us thank you every time we rise up during the night to feed our babies for the blessing of this baby in our arms. Let us thank you for every dirty diaper and spit-up shirt that we must clean. Let us live out your love for others that they may be encouraged to reach out in love as well.

This is the loving them walk.

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