Quit Walking?

We were told “no” for our 23rd time today. I am beyond words. What on earth can I write on this blog today? We have prayed, waited, prayed, waited, filled out more paperwork, taken more pics., applied to more agencies and attorneys, prayed, waited, fundraised, fundraised, fundraised, prayed, waited, prayed………………

The feedback for us is we are too big of a family. Hmmm…wonder if the Duggars will have such a hard time adopting?

It doesn’t look like any expectant mom will choose us. It is looking more and more like it will need to be a “stork drop” for us. That is when the baby is already born somewhere in the USA and the birthmom decides to make an adoption plan. The agency usually finds the adoptive family for the birthmom. Then the adoptive family is given this call out of the blue and they must JUMP FAST and be there in whatever state it is within the next ___number of hours to sign papers. So, how much do you pack ahead of time? How long will your bags remain packed? What do you need to have done at home before you get that “call”? Should you write out all the info. on running the house and ranch? Where do you post it? Can you remember it all? Why can’t it be simple? Why must it be so complicated with us?

I just don’t have many words today. I’ve shed many tears today though. Feeling like quitting too. Am giving this heavy burden to the Lord. Can you all take our faith and carry it for awhile for us? We are tired and weary. Can you believe for us that we will be able to adopt? That we will be chosen to hold a baby in our arms again and to raise him/her for God’s glory? We just need someone else to carry this faith for awhile, while we rest.

Do we quit walking?

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One Response to Quit Walking?

  1. Never quit walking! You do not know what God has called you to do. I would encourage you to hand the entire basket that is your adoption situation and with no bitterness, no lack of trust and not giving into weariness give it back to God. Adoption or no adoption, God is calling you to walk. Look up. Be satisfied with him. Nothing else needed. Your life will be used to His Glory.

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