The Walk of Preparing for the Rain

Thank you to those of you who encouraged us since my last post! We needed that!

We moved on from yesterday’s post to showing our profile a 24th time last night. We were not chosen, but the same agency has another situation that we are showing for right now- number 25.

Amazingly, earlier this week, Steve went to pick out a movie for us to watch the other night. It was for our “date night”. He had two picked out that he liked, but was compelled to open the next drawer down. There he saw “Facing the Giants”. We’ve seen this movie many, many times, but he felt compelled to watch it. So, he put it in the player. Half way through the movie, I said to Steve, “We needed this movie! I need to remember these lines- “Prepare for the rain” and “Your actions will follow your beliefs”. For some reason, these phrases stood way out with us. The next day we talked about them again. The phrases have been floating around in our minds off and on this week. Then, my dear friend in IN, emailed me with encouragement this morning. In the email, she tells about “Facing the Giants” and quotes the phrase, “prepare for the rain”. Oh, my goodness! God is obviously using movies and dear friends to speak to us! He will use any thing/one He chooses to speak to us. 🙂

Today, while a couple of our children finished up their 4H sewing class, I sat in the park with our two youngest. While they played, I made list after list preparing for the rain. Lists of who does which chore with the livestock, which chores are done after each meal and who does them, etc. I made lists of food to stock up on, foods to buy to pack for a middle of the day/night phone call to run to another state, things to pack to take for our children to do (we will have to take some of our children with us) while we are in the hospital, etc. A couple of our children are packing bags right now as I type. We are all preparing for the rain, the blessed rain that we have been waiting so long for in this drought. Our actions are following our beliefs.

If you haven’t seen “Facing the Giants”, you need to see it! It speaks volumes!

We are on the walk of preparing for the rain!

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