Update Walk

Not much to share this week.

We have had our profile now shown 28 times. Yes, we have set a record, I do believe! Starting to feel numb to it all.

We are currently having our Usborne Books eshow going on. Now is a great time to buy some books for birthdays and Christmas! Please check out our eshow: http://www.w3657.myubam.com and look for our name under “events” on the left side!

If you’d like to have a ton of free books, book a show within the next 10 weeks and you will receive DOUBLE FREE books! This too, would be a great way to put back a few gifts for later or get your homeschool books for this year! You can book a show with me locally or online! Hurry, this is only available with me for the next 10 weeks! 🙂 You’ll be helping me get my book business off to a good start and I’ll be helping you receive lots of great, free books!

I am also doing an adoption fundraiser for another waiting adoptive family right now! So blessed to be part of their adoption journey! If you know someone adopting, please share my info. with them as I’d love to do an Usborne adoption fundraiser and give them 100% of my commission!

As always, we have a variety of fundraisers located to the right side here. Please take a moment and prayerfully consider shopping through our Amazon or CBD link, or any of the others. Every penny counts. Slowly we will make it to the top of the mountain!

We currently have 3 horses staying in our motel this week! Lovely horse owners! They are moving cross-country from CA to Washington D. C. They are from Europe and have traveled the world all over! We met their delightful children as well. We really are enjoying our horse motel business. We are able to meet so many new people from so many walks of life. Love the people! Love the horses! Next week we have a few more horses coming in for a short vacation. Each horse brings us more funds that we put in our adoption fund! So thankful for the blessing of our barn that God gave us, horses and horse owners that travel! Thankful that we can see what we have to work with here on our ranch and then proceed to work with it!

Another dear friend, Joanna, shared our info. about our adoption with the homeschool group that I started 13 years ago and led for 6 years before moving to New England. So thankful she shared our info. with the group, as I have met a couple wonderful families! One family bought our heart magnets that our children made and took a moment to thank me for starting the homeschool group. She said it has been a blessing to her family. So blessed to have listened to the Lord as HE guided me in starting that group years ago and now hearing that it is still blessing others.

Another family has adoption on their hearts, and emailed to ask more questions about adoption. I shared our blog with them and said we’d be glad to answer any questions. We’ve only been walking this journey for 15mths., but we have learned so much. Thankful that my dear friend, Joanna, shared our info. with others!

You can share our info. with others too! You can share our links or our blog! Who knows, it might just bless them in some way. Maybe they too, will someday adopt and this will only be a seed planted? Why not share with others our journey? We continually pray that our walk of faith in this adoption journey will speak to others and allow God’s glory to shine through in all we do.

We continue to walk in faith daily.

That’s our update walk.

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