Just Pray More for this Walk

Okay, I opened my big mouth to God today and I am paying the price big time. I must swallow my words.

After thinking that we had an excellent chance of being chosen for a baby already born in NV today, we were told we were not chosen. We both were so let down as we had really gotten wrapped up in this situation. This happened at 12:05PM. Then, a couple hours later Steve received a call asking if we would like our profile shown in an outreach program in TX (never been asked by them to show our profile). He said “yes”. They said they will show our profile tomorrow for baby due in Sept. Then after he calls me to tell me about this, I get an email from AZ asking if we would be interested in adopting a baby due next week! I about fell over. We asked for some more info. And meanwhile, the phone rings here and an UT agency asks if we will talk with an expectant mother tomorrow on the phone! We had asked for our profile to be shown last week for her, but she has decided she wants the agency to help her out on choosing. This baby is due October. Then, I call my dear friend, Joanna, in Indiana to ask for prayer and the moment I sat the receiver back down, the phone rang. It was another UT agency w/a preemie born today. Did we want more info. in order to decide if we wanted our profile shown? My head was spinning at this point. Yes, please call us with more info. tomorrow.

So, in less than 3 hours, God literally dropped 4 babies/situations in our laps!!! And only a few hours before, I had told God that I had total faith in Him with Steve’s job, our moving here, so many other things, but after 30 profile showings, I had lost faith in us adopting. I told Him someone would have to call us with a baby! And He threw 4 babies our way in less than 3 hours?????? Do you doubt that there is a God????? Do you doubt that He cares about you all the way on your walk???? Do not doubt God!!! Do not!!! Trust Him in all things. He is there. He will amaze you!!!

Okay, so, what are we doing now? Well, after feeling as if I would vomit all over the place and my world spinning, we have calmed down. We are in the process of praying and waiting to see what His answer is tomorrow-which baby is ours????

One of our sons went out to the loft this morning to bring in some baby toys in hopes that we go get the baby from NV today. He even wrote her a note. It said, “Dear Baby Girl, I love you. I want you to come home to play with toys” and he drew hearts all over the note. He put it in an envelope. Then we were told “no” today and we were all devastated.

Tonight we shared with our children the different situations that we are considering. Interestingly (or is it?…these children tend to always be on the same wavelength when it comes to important things in our family), most of them are leaning towards one specific baby more than others. We are somewhat there too, but waiting on the Lord. We have asked them all to pray tonight and seek His will for our family.

We have other things to consider in these situations-drugs (withdrawal), alcohol, smoking, if birthfather has signed off on baby, finances (dear friend, Joanna, said she would have an internet “shower” for us if need be…we love you Joanna!), if chances of baby going to NICU are great/small, and so much more. But, most of all we want to know which baby is the one God has planned for us. We are asking that you all pray for our family to have wisdom in these decisions. Pray for us to see clearly and to trust Him at every turn. And maybe ask Him to help me keep my big mouth shut? That tends to get me in to a pickle quite often. I tend to not learn my lesson well or at least I learn it short-term, but not long-term.

We are just asking for prayers!!! Lots of them!!!!

Loving God on this walk! He never ceases to amaze us!

Just pray more for this walk!

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