While Waiting and Walking

A dear friend (thank you Tina!) sent this article to me last night. Thought I’d share with you all. It’s a short article, but filled with thoughts on adoption. Please take a moment and read:


I’m a nervous wreck this morning. We talk to the expectant mom in 1 1/2 hrs. Tried to make a list of things to share with her. Praying the Lord gives us the words. Trusting He will. Trusting He will make it clear today which baby is ours.

Thank you for praying. Please continue to pray for us to have wisdom and clear thinking throughout this journey. Pray that the baby we are chosen for will truly be placed in our family to raise up for His glory. Pray for the baby and expectant mom’s health. Pray for our family, that will be on needles and pins until we have our baby in our arms for forever.

We are praying while waiting and walking.

Update (10:15AM): We just got off the phone with the expectant mother due in October. It took forever for them to get the 3 way call to work! We were nervous. The call went well and now we wait to hear her decision, hopefully later today. She has the same name as me, spelled the same, wants educated parents and a family that eats meals together (we do this and it is in our profile!)and she is 150% committed to this adoption she said. She wants to meet us next month. Still walking around in shock from the past 24 hours. Keep praying for us! Pray for this birthmother too as she is currently living in a shelter. Pray for this baby. Pray for us to know without a doubt which way to go. Thank you for your prayers.

Another update: The field continues to narrow. I thought we had shown our profile for the baby in AZ last week and had not heard any thing back. When I asked the agency if it was the same situation we had shown for, they said “no” and that we had not been shown for this baby. I felt a red flag go up. Then I sent them the emails showing that we had requested to be shown last week. Silence…then suddenly I receive an email saying that they were mistaken and yes, we had been shown after all last week and that we were not a good fit. Yet, they had flat out asked us if we would adopt the baby!! Unbelievable the emotional roller coaster ride that agency has put us through in less than 24 hours!!!! Red flags are now by that agency in our file. So, we are now down to two babies. We turned down the baby that was born prematurely as we do not feel that that is a good fit for our family at this time due to medical bills. We have the baby in TX due Sept. and the one to be delivered here in Oct. Of course, we could receive “no” on both these babies and that would take us back to square one. We see God is answering prayers though. He is narrowing the field for us hour by hour.

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