He is the Lord of this Walk

Praising God!!!!

We talked with Michelle, the expectant mother(the one who wanted educated parents and a family that eats meals together regularly), yesterday on the phone. We only had a few minutes to talk as she is living in a shelter right now and is limited on time available to talk. We felt like the conversation went well. Our agency caseworker said she’d probably know within an hour or a day’s time if we were matched. However, by last night, we still had not heard any thing back from our agency. We began to wonder if we were going to have a match. We continued to pray.

This morning our caseworker replied back to my email saying she had not talked with Michelle yet. Then a few minutes later she sent another email saying she should have waited a few minutes. She had just talked with Michelle and she says it’s a match if we say it is! We will meet face to face in about 3 weeks!

I spent the next few minutes screaming, crying, and jumping up and down!!!! I called Steve and he was in the middle of another phone call. He asked if he could call me back. I said, “no” and then proceeded to tell him that he is going to have another son the end of October!!!!! This is how I told him we are paper pregnant!!!!!! We are going to have another son to raise for the Lord!!!! The Lord must feel that we can handle boys as this will be our fifth son! Pray that we may raise all of our sons and daughters for His glory daily.

Then I called my mother-in-law and she wasn’t answering the phone! UGH. So, I called another dear friend in IN and got her voicemail. Ugh! I wanted to scream from the top of the mountain that we are having a baby!!!!!! The Lord has shown mercy on us and is giving us a beautiful boy to raise in His name!!!!!!!!!! We serve a mighty God! We serve an awesome God!!!! Do you know my God? Do you know my Lord? Let me tell you what He has done in our lives! Let me tell you how great He is!! Do not doubt my Lord, which sadly I did a couple days ago, but He is great through it all!

I posted quickly to facebook and then zipped out the door to 4H camp! Then I had to go act civilized at the library for an hour! No jumping, screaming or crying. Calm down, Michelle.

Please pray for Michelle. Pray for her to eat healthy, to continue to keep her prenatal appointments, to continue to have wisdom in her decisions for this baby. Pray for us to continue this roller coaster ride (it is gonna be a long 3 mths. of “what if” and “will she” and “how about”) for the next 3 mths. with grace and peace. Pray for our baby boy, our son, to grow and be strong and healthy. There is a high chance that he will have withdrawal issues and have to stay in the hospital for an extended period. We are praying that this will not be so and that he will come home with us immediately. Please join us in prayer for this too.

We are still needing to raise the funds for this baby. Please prayerfully, consider joining us in fundraising. If you order through Amazon or CBD, please use our links to the side. Please consider hosting an Usborne Book home show or eshow to help us raise funds. You would benefit by getting many free books (double free books if you book within the next 8-9wks) and we would also be raising funds for our baby boy! Please prayerfully consider donating to our Adopt Together fund (see on the right side) that is tax-deductible!!!! Please also prayerfully consider sharing our links with your friends and family and asking them to each donate just $10 each. Every cent, every dollar brings us that much closer to our baby boy. He is coming the end of October! We have 3 months to do this!!! We are trusting the Lord to clear the way, move the mountains, and provide.

Please also continue to support others who are interested in adopting, have adopted, or are in the throes of adopting. Pray for them, have a fundraiser(I’m doing Usborne fundraisers and donating 100% of my commission) for them, share our story with them, give them books on adoption, offer to care for their children while they take a break together as husband and wife, give to their adoption fund, pray how God would have you help the orphan. Maybe He is calling you to adopt too? Only the Lord knows.

So, there you have it. It has taken us 15 months to reach a match! Now we wait for three more months to hold our son in our arms. We serve an awesome God. He is the Lord of this walk.

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One Response to He is the Lord of this Walk

  1. Heidi P. says:

    You should have called your other friend from Indiana!!! So happy to hear the good news!!!! Love you guys!!!!

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