Adoptions, Fundraisers, and Walking

Today we met a lady who was adopted. She shared with us her story. Her parents had 10 biological children before adopting 3 more children. She was one of them. She told us about growing up Mexican in an all white family. She lived with her family in Mexico for some time. She went to school there and was harassed something terrible. She said the other children and even the teachers harrassed her and treated her differently from the other children because she was a Mexican girl in an all white family. She told us that it is a blessing that we homeschool as our son will not have to deal with that daily. He will be with us when those situations might pop up and we can guide him through them. She said it is not good to try and single your child of a different ethnicity out by having them only do things that are related to their ethnicity. Sure, the whole family can attend ethnic events, but it should not be the number one priority. First, and foremost we are to be a family and love each other, she shared. She said our hearts are in the right place -loving our child. It was an interesting conversation. We have heard from many people, even some adoption agencies, that you need to consider moving to a neighborhood that has more children “like” your child, putting him into special ethnic activities, etc., looking for churches that have color, etc. Then we’ve heard a few adoptive parents say that they have just lived life, without being worried about all of that. This lady confirmed this to us today. So, that’s just a little bit about our chat with a sweet lady who was adopted years ago.

Our expectant mom is scheduled to arrive here August 6th. We are anxious and nervous to meet her in person soon after that. 🙂 We’ve been doing more research about what our baby may be going through after birth. It is very possible that he may spend anywhere from a few extra days to a month extra in the hospital after birth. We are praying fervently that he will not have withdrawal issues and will come home quickly with us. Praying that our children will be able to understand if we are gone a lot to the hospital. Praying that all will go well on the homefront if we are to be gone a lot. Just praying like crazy! We will be juggling two “homes” for awhile it appears. We are trusting Him to carry us through.

You may ask what kind of withdrawal will he possibly go through. Our expectant mother is on a prescribed medication to help with drug addiction. One must be weaned off of it. So, babies are often born addicted to it. They can have seizures, tremors, unconsolable crying, etc. as they go through withdrawal. The doctors have to slowly wean them off the medication.

You might ask why we would adopt a baby that has to go through this. Our family says why not? Every orphan needs a family. Not all of us adoptive parents are cut out to deal with physical handicaps, not all of us can handle drug addictions, not all of us can do the things that other adoptive parents can. However, with God all things are possible. He will carry us. This is where we are and now we walk through holding the Lord’s hand, sometimes ever so tightly. There are a couple other health concerns with our baby boy, but we are praying and trusting the Lord with our son! We ask that you pray with us for his health and well-being.

We are going to start posting on facebook weekly, sometimes several times throughout the week about our different fundraisers that we have going on. We are working hard to raise the rest of our funds within 3 months. Please prayerfully, consider joining us in this walk! If you could just share our links with all your friends and family, that would be huge! We can do this! We are trusting God in all.

We are going to call the posts: Fantastic Fundraising For a Future Follower of the Father or F6. So, if you are friends with us on FB, be on the lookout for our links to share with your friends.

Today, let’s start with an F6 link:
This is the link to my Usborne site. Please look under the events on the left side and click on my name. Then go through the link to shop or schedule a home or online show. We earn 20-30% of purchases. All of my commission is going in our adoption fund! How about getting some books for Christmas a little early? Or planning for some upcoming birthdays? Or how about some homeschool books? Back-to-school reinforcements? I can still offer you double free books for the next 8 weeks if you have a home show or online show! You will benefit with lots of free books and our son will benefit with having a forever family! We both win! 🙂

You might ask, is she going to drive us insane with this fundraising? You better believe it! I am not gonna quit until we have our baby boy in our arms!!!! So, if you think I’ve gone nuts, I totally understand, but I’ve only gone nuts for bringing our baby boy home!If it bothers you to hear about our fundraising, please just delete our posts and ignore our blog and emails. 🙂 We still love you! We will not give up. We will not stop!!! Would you like to be child that almost had a family, but the family gave up on raising the funds to adopt you? No way. We are NOT giving up on our baby boy!!! He IS coming home. 🙂 We are working hard to raise the last of our funds. Would you like to know everything we are doing? Deep breath in, here goes-boarding horses nightly when we get calls, boarding horses monthly (waiting on that), selling Usborne Books, sharing tons of fundraising links constantly, shopping through our National Adoption Foundation links to earn money back, I have been trimming my own hair for two years now (don’t remember what it is like to go get your hair done, but often dream of it LOL!), we cut our children’s hair too, we don’t shop at “new” stores for clothes, instead we shop at garage sales and resale shops (which we did before this venture anyway and love it), we are contemplating another yard sale if we could find a great place to have one, we are participating in a used book sale next month for our state homeschool association, selling stuff on ebay, we don’t travel (well, we traveled to move, but not vacations) right now, we are not involved in all the activities that take money here and there to participate in, we turn the lights off in the room before leaving, we do most all of our repair work ourselves (think septic tank in May), we save all the change from Steve’s pocket every night, we are raising our own beef and lambs to feed our family this winter, we have quite a few chickens laying eggs (not enough though with all our big boys!) for us to eat, we do not have someone that cleans our house (just us!), Steve’s Mom has given us some of her rebate checks from energy companies, phone companies, etc. from her move out here and those all went into the fund, we have had two used book sales, 4 yard sales, and I don’t know how many fundraisers this past 15mths. As you can see, we are working hard to bring our baby boy home! This is not easy stuff! So, please, please consider sharing our links with your friends and family! We have just 3 months to do this! We know God is faithful and He will provide!

That’s all about adoptions, fundraisers, and walking!

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