Fantastic Fundraising For a Future Follower of the Father

Yep, I’m back-the crazy(for children) lady with all the fundraising! That would be me! Don’t worry, if we were adopting you, we’d be doing the same for you too. 🙂

Okay, today’s fundraiser…drum roll……Recycling Rewards! We’ve been sending in all kinds of items to recycle for money and just found out we have over $36 in our account!!! They will sending us a check now! Yay!!!!

How does this have anything to do with you? You can help us by recycling. It doesn’t cost you a cent!!! You just collect used ink cartridges, mp3 players, laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, etc. and give them to us. We ship them in under our account name and label and voila, we earn money!!! That money then goes into our adoption fund!

Here is a list of the items they recycle:

Buyback List

•Inkjet Cartridges
•Toner Cartridges
•Cell Phones
•Small Electronics (mp3 players, laptops)

Now, go search for some ink/toner cartridges, cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, and laptops!!!! We are collecting daily! I do mean daily! You plan to see us at church? Bring them! You’ll see us at the park? Bring them! You live in another state? Feel free to ship them if you feel led! Ask your neighbors, friends, and family to collect them for us! Every item earns us a few more coins in the adoption fund!

Okay, that’s if for the Fantastic Fundraising For a Future Follower of the Father!

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