If You Have to Fundraise, Don’t Walk this Walk

Surprising title, huh? Well, we’ve heard of other families being told this and have heard it ourselves. What do we say to this? Well, if we wanted to be quick with a comeback, we might ask how far in debt that person is, do they own their vehicle(s), what about that nice vacation they take each year-is it all paid in cash, how about all those pedicures and Starbucks coffees one gets-have they added up how much that costs, and the list goes on. Or how about when you had your biological child, did you have to produce $30,000-40,000 the day the baby was born in cash/check? We think not.

Do we like the fees of adoption? No. Do we think that everyone should boycott adopting and then things will change? No. What will happen to all those babies/children that will become orphans if we boycott? Is it right that the fees continue to go up? No. However, we’ve noticed people are paying more for their food and living expenses lately, so, that would make sense that fees are going to go up.

Can’t we just sell our house to adopt and quit fundraising? Well, that would kind of ruin the whole idea of why we live here and do what we do and why our expectant mom chose us, wouldn’t it? If we own our cars outright, are working hard to make money through jobs/services, don’t use credit cards, etc. then how can one say that we cannot afford to adopt? We are willing to step up to the plate at this age, with this many children, and raise another child for His glory. No, we will not be retiring and traveling the world in a few years and enjoying the quiet of our house after our children are all grown up. But, we are not called to do that, nor are we wanting to do that. We are loving the children. Children are a joy!

Do you know that in all of our fundraising, we have only raised around $3,000???? Would you like to know how much the average adoption costs currently? Between $30,000-40,000!!!! So, we are not relying on others to bring our son home. We are relying on God to provide in whatever way He sees fit-through our work, our home-businesses, our selling items on ebay, our recycling, our turning off lights in the house to save electricity, and yes, our fundraising. We are relying on Him to lead others in the direction they should go in supporting adoption, rather it be through prayers, fundraising, adopting, helping an adoptive family after the baby/child is home, etc.

Well, if we can’t afford to adopt, we can’t afford to raise another child. When we start “controlling” and telling God what we can handle, we lose a step in faith. We could have said years ago that we could not afford more children and stopped. Guess what? Each time we trusted God, he provided. He provided with better jobs, bonuses, gardens that were plentiful, cows to eat, and so much more. He provided. We only had to step out in faith. And yes, we can afford to diaper the baby and clothe him! 🙂

Most of our friends have been very supportive, but yes, we have heard these comments or questions. We do have a few friends that we dare not share with them any of our fundraising efforts as they are totally offended by this. This is sad as we felt we had a good relationship and would love to share our excitement in bringing home our son. We have always been pretty independent people, but through this journey, He has taught us that it is okay to ask for prayer, support, and help. In allowing others to know our needs and help us, they are being blessed by giving of their time, their selves, and more. It is a blessing to give. They are growing too.

So, we will NOT say to you if you have to fundraise, don’t walk this walk.

P.S. I know this is not an inspirational post, but after reading another article with unkind comments about “these people who fundraise to adopt”, I could not hold my tongue. The unkind comments will never cease, but neither will we cease in our working hard to bring home our son! We pray you may see the reason for adoptive families needing your prayers and support.

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