Need More Prayer on this Walk

Asking for prayers over the next 12 hours. We have had to get the corporate people involved in an insurance issue. Our insurance might just have a technicallity that allows them to not cover our baby boy’s hospital stay if it is due to something the mother has been taking/doing/caused. I know I’m not wording it exactly right, but my mind is a mess at this moment. Anyway, due to her being on a prescribed drug to keep her addictions away, that may cause our baby to have withdrawal issues that could possibly last up to a month or even two, the insurance may not cover him! There is NO WAY we can afford to cover a long hospital stay on our own. We are already scrambling to just have the adoption fees covered and the first 24 hours after birth. We have to pay for the birthmother and the first 24 hours of our baby’s stay at the hospital out of pocket, but after that when he is placed in our care, our insurance is supposed to kick in. But, will it kick in? Funny how they can always find a loophole.

We are just unable to “do” anything. God is in control. This is His baby. He may not be our baby now. I am trying to not cry and think the worse. There are no guarantees in adoption.

We need more prayer on this walk.

UPDATE: The insurance company was trying to word the placement of the baby differently so that it would read/sound as if our baby would not be covered until 6mths. when we finalize our adoption in court. However, with the help of our social worker and an attorney, we were able to work things out! Praise God! Now another big prayer request is that our expectant mom signs at the 24hour mark after birth, because the more hours that tick by, the more money we pay out of pocket! We will pay for every medication, test, move, etc. that is made until our expectant mom signs the papers stating that we are the ones legally responsible for our baby boy. Please add this to your prayer list for us! Please also pray that he does not have withdrawal issues and have to stay for a long period of time.

Sadly, we heard again from someone wanting to know why we would adopt a baby whose birthmother has been on this medication. We love this baby boy. We want to raise him for the Lord. We are thrilled to be chosen to walk this walk. Will it be easy? Maybe not, but we are called and we will walk. We are not fearful. Will we be tired from walking this walk-possible long hospital stay and driving back and forth between two different “homes” for awhile? You can count on it. We trust the Lord. Do we have questions? Sure we do. But, can you predict that your baby will be born biologically without any physical, emotional, or mental difficulties? We are not in control. We love our son. That is why we are saying “yes” to adopting him. We love him. Love one another. We know that he would not have chosen to be born “addicted” to this prescribed drug, but we also know he would not choose to grow up with out a forever family either. We also know after walking through special needs in our family over the years, that it is amazing what one’s environment can do to heal/help/improve a situation. It is even more amazing what God can do. We do not see our son as having limitations, but as having potential. To God be the glory.

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