Today’s F6 Walk

Okay, here is today’s F6!

Check out our Flower Power link to the side! Now is the time to order your fall bulbs! Order them and plant for a beautiful spring show! Our family earns 50% of every purchase made. So, before you go to the local plant shop to buy bulbs, take a minute and look through our Flower Power link to help us continue to raise funds for our baby boy!

Any news on the adoption front? No, but we know the Lord has led us to a Bible study this summer in the next town over for many reasons. One being that there is another family there that has two daughters unable to have biological children. One has adopted with her husband through a local attorney and the other is in the process of adopting with her husband from Ethiopia. I have volunteered to hold a fundraiser for them if they would like. I am hoping to be able to help them raise funds too! So excited about meeting them!

Our expectant mom is scheduled to fly in next week. We do not know exactly when we will get to meet her, but we assume it will be after she has settled in a bit.

Our 4H fair is coming up next week and we are busy getting our projects ready to turn in. Plus, we are planning to attend our first rodeo in our town! So, next week will be very busy! We are looking forward to it!

We are trying to get as many projects done around here as possible before the snow comes again. Yes, we think about snow in August! It doesn’t come just yet, but we only have a couple months before it does. So, between preparing for the snow and our baby boy’s arrival, we are staying busy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, that’s it for today’s F6 walk. ๐Ÿ™‚

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