God Stories on this Walk

We have been reminded the past few days that when God calls you to do something and you step out in faith, be prepared to receive the rain/blessings.

Three avenues of fundraising through our own home businesses have been heavy on my prayer list lately-Usborne Books (need some shows- can you help?), horse motel customers, and some monthly horse boarders. On Wednesday night we received a call from someone traveling through in a couple weeks with four horses. They are going to be using our horse motel. This is the most horses we will have boarded so far!

Then on Thursday, we received an email from a lady in Minnesota. She is retiring and moving to either our small town or the next small town over. She has two horses that she needs a place to board monthly! She got our name and number from her realtor in town! We do not know the realtor and have no idea for sure where the realtor got our names, but God worked it out! She spent 40 minutes on the phone with Steve! She is a Christian and told Steve that we (our ranch) is an answer to prayer. Steve told her that if she had been talking to me on the phone, I would have told her that she was an answer to my prayers! 🙂 Anyway, she is planning to move here around the end of October – when our baby boy is due!!!

Also, on Thursday, my former principal and friend (thank you Debbie, we love you!), sent us a surprise donation for our adoption fund in the mail! We were so thrilled! Another confirmation to us that even though we don’t have all the funds to adopt our son yet, we can trust Him to provide one way or another. He will not leave us. I have often heard other people tell their adoption stories of how suddenly God provided the funds just in time to adopt and wondered in amazement at their stories. Now we are living one of these amazing stories!

Then yesterday another friend held a fundraiser for us. She raised $150 for our adoption fund! Yippee!

And today, in the mail, we received a check for $12.22 from our use of the National Adoption Foundation bar that we have on our computer. This is a bar that you can use to shop through and earn cashback. Whenever we need to make a purchase online, we use this bar. We are not allowed to use our Amazon link as it is against policy. So, we have earned some funds through shopping as well!

Little by little, we are getting closer to time to have our son in our arms. Our expectant mother is now scheduled to fly in Wednesday evening. Prayers for her to have a safe trip in would be appreciated. Please also, pray for her continued health and safety, along with our son’s. We have less than 3 months!!!!!

Today’s F6? Pick one link to the right (your choice today) and share it with your friends and family!!! Tell them our story and ask if they’d like to join us in this journey.

We so appreciate all the prayers and support that has been shown to us. We continue to be walking in faith.

Hope you enjoyed the God stories on this walk.

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