Monday F6 Walk

Today our spotlight is on Thredup! This is another fundraiser that we have going on. How many of you have clothes in your closet that you plan to donate, but just haven’t got around to it? Or clothes that no longer fit, but are in great condition? You do? Then help us raise funds to adopt our son and at the same time clean out your closets!!!!

Join our group and request a pre-paid (notice no money from you!!!) shipping bag TODAY! They will send you the pre-paid shipping bag (s) and then you can go to your closet and start filling it! All of the earnings from your clothes go towards our adoption fund! It doesn’t cost you a dime, only your time!

Just imagine if you would ask your friends and family to join you in cleaning out closets, how many bags of clothes could be sent in to raise funds for our son??? Those clothes instead of sitting in a box in your closet, would turn into money that pays for our son’s hospital stay and his birthmother’s labor and delivery. Or it could pay for the doctor’s fees. Or it could be going towards finalization of our son’s adoption. YOUR clothes could do ALL this! How amazing is that?? And you thought that was just a box of clothes to eventually donate, sitting in your closet? That is our son’s future in that box!! You could be a huge part of our son’s future by taking just a moment to clean out your closet.

Right now for only a few more months, Thredup has agreed to MATCH our donations! PLEASE help us raise these funds by cleaning your closet today! Spread the word and share our link.

That’s the Monday F6 Walk!

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