F6 Walk with Homeschoolers

Many of you know that we homeschool. We love homeschooling! I spent 7 years in the classroom as a teacher and 2 years as a substitute teacher. I loved teaching! I had wanted to teach ever since I was 5 years old. Little did I know that the Lord would lead me to homeschool our children years later. 🙂

I used to be standing in my classroom teaching science around 10AM or so, when I’d notice that the homeschool family across the street was outside having recess!!! I would think to myself, “How can they be outside having recess at such a time as this? They should be inside doing science or something!” and “Those homeschoolers!” I said I would not homeschool! You all know where this is going right? Yep, I opened my BIG mouth and God dealt kindly with it. Here I am over 16 years later, homeschooling! And loving every minute of it! I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Steve and I began homeschooling with one of our main goals academically for the children to love learning. We had seen so many children lose their joy over learning as they became older. We did not want this to happen to our children. We wanted them to love learning for the rest of their life. We have been able to see this fruit already in our young men. They can be found with a book in their hands daily, having discussions (sometimes heated) with each other over politics, religion, character, etc., trying out a new piece of music on the piano (no, we do not ever have to tell them to go practice the piano-the sweet benefit of waiting until they were old enough to know they wanted to play), interviewing someone rather it be a neighbor, friend, family member, etc. on what kind of work they do and their beliefs on different subjects, building projects with their hands, designing their future home that they will build, working with animals that they show in 4H or raise for our food, writing a book (yes, one has been writing a book for over a year now), doing science experiments, teaching younger siblings about the history of world wars, speaking with one another in a foreign language (and sometimes irritating each other too), and so much more. It looks like our children definitely love learning even as teenagers. Thank God! He is the One who has led us on this journey and He has been faithful all the way. We are so thankful.

We have to laugh when we look back at the questions we got about homeschooling 16 years ago -what about socialization? sports? the prom? Our children can talk to anyone of any age about any thing. I think that would qualify them as being socialized. 🙂 And as for sports and the prom? Those are definitely over-rated. Steve was a star football player and wrestler in school. He can tell many stories about sports being over-rated. In fact, he can share stories with you of football being his idol in the early years of our marriage, but that’s another story for another time. And the prom? How many of you can say you had the best time of your life preparing for the prom and attending it? Really? Besides, there are now homeschool proms and sports, so, we can always attend and play if our children choose to now.

But, how many of us can say we loved school all the way through? How many of us still to this day love learning new things? How many of us felt a close connection with our family even through our tumultous teen years? How many of us chose if we wanted to take music lessons? I could go on and on with the questions, but our family already knows the answer for our children. This has been the right choice for our family. Are people wrong to send their children to private schools or public schools? No. Each family must do what is right for their children and what God leads them to do. We are not all the same. Walking with the Lord is more important than any of these questions that I have asked today. Are our children walking with the Lord? Are we letting them slip away? So many more questions to ask, but I pray the Lord will press them upon each and every one of us when it is time.

So, after my homeschool commercial/ramble, I’d like to share with my homeschool buddies some great links that will help you gear up for school (when do you start back? we start next week) this year and also help us raise funds for our son’s adoption. Please take a moment and look through our links!

Here ya go:

These are awesome planners for the school year! Have a high-schooler? Check out the planners made especially for them too!

Tons of curriculum available at great prices!

Beautiful book to read to your daughter(s)

Usborne Books! Do you use My Father’s World, Tapestry of Grace or Sonlight curriculum? Check to see what books you need this year from Usborne! Shop under our event name on the left side.

And of course, Amazon has just about everything from clothes to books!

Okay, Homeschool Friends, start shopping! You most likely only have days or weeks until you start back to school and our family only has a few monnths until we have our son in our arms! Get organized for the new school year and help us raise funds too!

And too our Dear Friends who are not homeschooling currently, please share this with all your friends who do!

That’s our F6 Walk for Homeschoolers.

P.S. Just wanted to add that we are loving living in a small town. Small Town, America is the place for us! We received another call yesterday about monthly boarding for two more horses! The lady was given our info. from our local feed store owner (we love chatting with him when we go to the feed store) and called us up. Her brother is moving with his family back here from Germany with their two horses. They do not want to board their horses in the valley, but want them in the high country. That would be us! Wow, God is amazing! He even has people looking for specific details that entail our ranch!! Both of the last two potential calls for monthly horse boarding have been searching for exactly what we have to offer -high country, pasture-boarding, etc. He never ceases to amaze us! He is going to provide for the adoption of our son! He is going to “pull this off” as He always does when He calls us. After all He moved mountains to bring us to Utah even after we had said “no” to the job once! We love the Lord and are so thankful for Him. If we can’t trust the Man who would die for us on the cross, then who can we trust?

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