Love Small Town Walking

So, what have we been up to the past few days? Well, we attended our first rodeo last night. Yeehaw! Last night was Family Night at our local rodeo. We so enjoyed going over to the fairgrounds! Back East, life is just so different! Before we moved here, we were told that it is actually like moving back in time. There used to be a billboard at the border of our state that said, “Welcome to Utah. Turn your clocks back 20 years.” We did not know how true this would prove to be!

It is wonderful to move to an area where modesty, politeness, and kindness is as natural as walking across the floor! It is wonderful to live in an area that loves children and recognizes what a blessing it is to have a large family. It’s nice to not be stared at due to our family size.

Most of our children took part in 4H again this year. Back East, when they won a ribbon, they just received a ribbon on their project. Nothing else. A few times, there was a trophy involved, but for the most part, they were given ribbons and thrilled. Well, here one can literally cash-in on projects! Our children went to the Premium Booth to pick up their premiums for their ribbons (1 first place blue, 7 blues, 2 reds, and 4 greens which are given to the young ones for participating for their first time) and spent the next few minutes in shock over what was handed to them. 🙂 Their premiums ranged from $3 to $23! We have never experienced this before! One son was elated and decided to pay for a ticket to ride inside the “bubble” on water! Another son bought a library of Cornerstone of Freedom history books from our homeschool book sale today. And a few others have put their cash away in a safe place.

After the premium booth, we headed over to the midway. Granted our midway is not near as big as the ones back east, but oh, how we loved the cost of the tickets! We don’t usually do the rides due to the high prices for tickets. Grandma went with us and gave each child a small amount of money to spend on a ticket to ride something. Well, they were thrilled when they found that the tickets were only 50 cents each!!!! Maybe that was the price of ride tickets when I was a little girl! The most fun Steve, Grandma and I had on the midway, was watching four of our blessings ride the twin ride and make themselves dizzy as they swirled around and around by pushing their pole back and forth. Our children have never ridden anything like it! So much fun! The guy running the ride let them stay on for almost 6 minutes before stopping it. You should have seen the smiles!

Then it was time to head to the rodeo. Wow. We’ve never been to a rodeo before either. The arena was filled with bleachers half the size of bleachers that my high school had when I was in school years ago! Everyone was sitting close to the bulls, bucking broncos, and cowboys! We so enjoyed seeing all the cowboys rope the calves, ride the bucking broncos, and the bulls. We also saw several friends while we were there. You can literally look across the arena and see people clearly, that is how small and close every thing is. 🙂 Fireworks ended our evening.

Our children are still talking today about what fun they had last night. They’ve already asked if we can go again next year. We so enjoyed it!

We love that we only live 10 minutes from the fairgrounds. We love that the cost of a fun family evening out is definitely within our budget with a little help from Grandma! We love that everywhere we go, we run into someone we know. We love the “good ol’ boy” network here. We love the cowboys. We just love it here. And yes, it is like stepping back in time. Words can’t describe how much we enjoy it here, but we thought we’d try and share a little bit of our life with you today.

We also picked up our free museum tickets from the library yesterday. These were given to our children for participating in the reading program. They also received 2 half-price movie tickets each! Our children have not ever gone to the movies at a theater, so, they are thrilled with this chance to go see a movie in the theater! They’ve seen movies at home, in the library, outside, etc., but not in a theater as the cost for tickets these days are out of this world! So, with all three tickets, we are going to be able to attend a museum for free and see a movie for half-price. Yay! We are looking forward to these special days coming up! We attend a lot of field trips, but this will be a special treat for our family.

Today we got up early and went into the valley to sell our used books and Usborne books. We were able to raise another $18 in used sales and made a few orders with Usborne. We had a great time meeting new friends and seeing old ones (if you can call them that after only being here 10mths.). We finally came back home this afternoon and were so exhausted that several of us had to take a nap! LOL!

The next few days are more busy ones for our family as we are attending church, attending a special party, starting school, picking up 4H projects, and helping our pastor’s family move. And that’s just the next two days! Shew! We are enjoying the last few months of summer as much as we can. Snow will be here in two months most likely, as it was last year. We desperately need the snow again. I can’t stand driving in the snow, but totally understand our need for it. One of our sons informed us the other day that there are only two high desert areas in the world. One is in the Middle East and the other is here! That’s a pretty neat fact, huh?

Today’s F6 is . This is our tax-deductible fund! You can donate any amount and it is tax-deductible. They will give you a receipt for it too! This is for all of you who have said to us, “We’d love to help out, but instead of buying something, we’d like to just donate money to your fund.” This is your chance to do just that! Please prayerfully, consider joining us on this walk! We have 11 weeks from this coming Monday before our son’s due date! We are so excited!

Now you know we love small town walking!

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