Walking a Little Hurriedly Today

The past two days have been filled with sweet friends and busyiness. Now this morning, we found out that our expectant mother has had her due date moved up by almost two weeks earlier than expected! And as they said, that is if she makes it that far!!!!! She is now due October 16th, if she makes it that long! We are just a little excited and nervous around here today! Suddenly, we have had two weeks disappear for sure from our fundraising and pulling together projects here on the ranch before winter! Snow comes in October and so does our baby boy! That means we will be busy holding a baby on our chest while we nap through out the days of winter! 🙂

So, we are hurriedly trying to get our projects done around here on the ranch-fencing, a shelter built, weeding (to prevent wildfire from coming up to our house), repairing door handles that have fallen off (just yesterday!), and so much more.

We are also hurriedly working on fundraising! If we become a bit annoying over the next two months, please understand that our minds have fogged over with images of our son in our arms cooing! 🙂 Our youngest daughter has been making paper toys daily for her baby brother. So, she is in on the project work too! The other children just check in every now and then to see how much longer until our baby boy is here, will Mommy and Daddy be home for Christmas or at the hospital, and various other questions. Our youngest son also has been putting some of his coins in the adoption fund jar. He even insisted that he pay for his own set of history books at the used book sale the other day.

So, what is today’s F6? Well, we just signed up to be consignors at a church children’s/maternity sale coming up in a few weeks! This is located in the valley, so, it brings in a lot of shoppers! We attended it for our first time last spring and it was huge! So, this time we are selling! How can you help? Well, all our local friends, you can donate your children’s winter clothing (pants, shirts, dresses, snow pants, coats, jackets, shoes, boots, etc.), booster seats, hair accessories, games, dvds, and maternity clothing! We will be thrilled to pick up your items! Or you can just drop them off at our house too. All items need to be clean and in good condition(no broken zippers, holes, etc.) to go to the sale. We will sort and tag them before taking them to the sale. We can earn up to 70% of the sales price on our items! This could bring in a lot of money to put in our fund!!! Please share this with your friends now! We don’t have much time to pull these items together, tag them, and drop them off! Ask your family, friends and neighbors to go through their drawers, closets, storage totes, etc.!!! We need winter items!!!!

Another topic: Do any of you have recommendations for a baby carrier/sling? We have given all of our stuff away (except our crib) through our cross-country moves and time. We used to have a Snugli, but it didn’t work that well. It is going to be very important that we have lots of bonding time with our son. We normally carry our babies almost constantly, but we thought it might be a good idea to also have a carrier/sling. So, if you know of any that are excellent and don’t cause a lot of back pain, please share with us! I have a back issue that warrants I be careful on how I carry items (babies included!), so, it’s very important that it be comfortable and well-made for one’s back. 🙂

Also, I totally forgot that babies use bouncy seats sometimes! LOL! My mil mentioned swings, bouncy seats, etc. and I about fell over! I had totally forgotten all these things. I’ve just been scurrying around getting diapers and formula! We didn’t use these items much with our babies, but they were nice to have from time to time. So, if you know of someone who is ready to give up their baby items, please consider telling them about us!

Oh, and do you recommend any great bottles? We are looking for either BPA free plastic bottles or glass ones.

Can you all think of any thing else that babies need? This is so fun! It’s like we are starting our family all over. LOL! It takes me back 17 years!

Okay, now it’s time for you all to start spreading the word about our upcoming sale! Go clean your closets and drawers, please!

We are walking a little hurriedly today!

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