Can You Walk with Us without Some of Your Clothes?

Yes, you read the title correctly! We are still on the clothing kick! We know that most all of you out there have some bag or box of clothes just waiting to be donated. Won’t you take a couple minutes and pull it out for us? We’ll come pick it up if you are local! If you aren’t local, you can request a FREE, POSTAGE-PAID bag from Thredup (look over to the right side here) and to put your clothes in. It doesn’t cost you a cent. It only takes a couple of minutes and voila you are done and we have earned a few more dollars to put in our adoption fund!

We have 8 weeks left!!!! We are still working on raising our last $10,000!!!

I just received my cool, polka-dot bag from Thredup and have already begun to fill it! I’m having fun pulling out clothes from our closets and from our garage sale leftovers! You could be doing this too! 🙂 All I have to do is set it outside for pick-up from USPS!!!! How easy is that??? You can too! Right now they are still matching our donations! So, if you donated a bag that is worth $25, they will match that another $25 in our fund!!! YAY!!! This is an awesome way for us to raise funds and you to clean out your closet. So, won’t you consider giving us some of your clothes?

If you are local, we will gladly pick up your clothes and put them in a thredup bag for you. We will also happily pick up any maternity clothes, baby-children’s clothes, toys, books, etc. for our upcoming children’s/maternity sale. The sale will be the end of September. So, there is still time for you to some items for the sale! We will earn 70% from the sale and the rest of our items that don’t sell will be donated to a charity. This is for a church sale in SLC.

Okay, would you like an update on our latest excitement? Here it is.

We had a wildfire on Tuesday afternoon that started from lightning. We actually saw it start after the thunder. It spread extremely quick. Now I understand the saying, “spread like wildfire” and it was unbelievably quick! It burned over 2000 acres, 14 homes, 20 outbuildings, and more. No one was hurt. We made national news. Our home was filled with smoke for a few days and we woke every day to smoke. It appears to now be under control. Very scary! We have volunteered to take any horses that were affected by the fire and give them a temporary home on our ranch until thing settle down.

We received a call on Thursday from US Rider wanting to know if we could go get two horses and board them for the night at our place. The ladies had their truck break down and were on the summit! Not a good place to break down, but it tends to be the place where break downs happen as it is tough to get over the summit! So, Steve hooked up our horse trailer and went to get them. He brought the horse and pony back to our barn. They stayed until this morning as it took awhile to fix their truck. A few more dollars dropped into our fund! We were actually booked for a different set of horses for one night, but they canceled at the last minute and God provided a replacement that not only stayed one night, but two!

Later today we have 4 horses coming in to stay for the night. A few more dollars will drop into our adoption fund. Praise the Lord! He is awesome in sending us business!

I am still praying for more Usborne Book shows. I only have two months left to do the physical shows because when our baby boy gets here, I will be staying home with him until spring. Besides, I will probably be stuck on our mountain often with the snow too! 🙂 So, if you would like to have a show (you can receieve DOUBLE free books- very fun, detailed and educational), even if it’s with only two people, please let me know or schedule through my website! It would mean so much to me/all of us! I need the practice of doing shows, you could use some books to give as gifts or keep for your family, and our baby boy is coming soon! 🙂

Lord willing, we will meet our expectant mom next Wednesday afternoon face-to-face! We will meet at the agency’s office it looks like. Prayers for all of us to feel at peace with this visit would be appreciated! Just a little nervous!

Question of the day: Can you walk with us without some of your clothes?

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