Just 7.5 Weeks or Less in this Walk!

Wow, this is hard to believe that we are getting so close to time for our son to enter this world! We wonder what he will look like, how big will he be, what time will he be born, and so much more. This journey is just so amazing!

Yesterday we received word that our expectant mom’s Hep. C test came back with the virus dormant. This means that our son’s chances of getting Hep. C are pretty much nill. Praise the Lord! Now we pray about the withdrawal issues that he may suffer after birth. We are praying that he will not have any withdrawal issues and be allowed to go home immediately. We are trusting the Lord.

We just found out that we have sold 3 pieces of jewelry from our “Walking in Faith” fundraiser! Thank you Hannah, Catie, and Jean! We so appreciate your support! We love you! Every purchase brings us one step closer to our son!

Today Steve and some of the boys made two trips for a trailer full of hay. We are stocking up for winter. They also got a load of hay last night. They are all pretty tired tonight from all the work. Each bale weighs around 70lbs. Even our 8 year old son was out there rolling the bales while his older brothers carried them. 🙂

While they worked on the hay, I worked here at home on gathering and bagging up clothes for our Thredup fundraiser. I also have been collecting children’s clothes for the church sale next month. So hopeful that these avenues will bring us fruit!

No horse motel visitors this week. You all start praying for us to get visitors each week, okay? We really need them!

We are hoping to see our expectant mom again in a few weeks. It is over an hour drive to see her, but we hope to see her a few more times before our baby’s birth. Please continue to pray for her health-for her to make wise decisions in what she eats, does, exposes herself and baby to. Pray also for her peace in her decisions.

We have the baby clothes washed and waiting. I’ve actually took some sneak peeks at what kinds of baby gear is out there these days! 🙂 Wow, looks like a lot of neat stuff! I’m also trying to get some diapers and formula ready for when we first bring our baby boy home. Wow, I forgot how expensive that stuff is! My! Getting out the cloth diapers to save money for sure!

That’s about all that has been going on in our life the past few days. Just busy, busy in preparing for winter and baby. We are really excited that we have just 7.5 weeks or less in this walk!

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