Could This Be an Early Walk?

This is a quick update. Our expectant mom is dilating and stressed out. She also said she is confused. We have had a sudden change of plans in our weekend. We are heading up to see her later tomorrow. We do know that this could mean things are starting to slowly happen or that things are going to be moving quickly. Only the Lord knows.

We still do not have all of our funds for our baby’s adoption yet. Some of you might wonder if we haven’t lost our minds. No, we are totally trusting God in this. He will provide one way or another. He will not bring us this far to leave us. So, we are asking you all to please take a moment and first of all pray for our expectant mom, our baby, and our family. If this baby comes early, that means even more issues to deal with besides the ones we already have to pray about. This also means even more medical intervention and hospital time. Our insuraance will not cover the birth or our baby for the first 24 or so hours until our expectant mom signs the papers for us to parent. We will be paying for the baby’s and our expectant mom’s stay in the hospital, along with treatments up until she signs the papers. We do not know what those first 24 hours will entail financially. We are trusting the Lord totally. Please also pray for friends and family to have open hearts to what the Lord would have them do in coming along side us in this journey, rather it be to help our family out during the hospital stay, praying for us, purchasing through our links, or making a donation to our fund. We know how important it is to listen to the Lord and obey. We are trusting that others will have open hearts to His leading.

Please also share our links and/or blog with your friends and family! If everyone who saw our link or blog would make one contribution through a purchase, prayers, or donation, we could meet our goal! So, we are asking you to share, share, share, share! By you sharing, you might be sharing with someone who needs to hear this story in the heart. Maybe the Lord will speak to them through our walk? Won’t you take a moment and share our walk?

If you feel led to help us during the hospital stay, pray for us, shop through our links, and/or make a donation to our fund, we would appreciate your coming alongside us!

Pray, pray, pray!

Could this be an early walk?

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