A Tired Walk

We met with our expectant mom today. We had a nice time with her. Steve is having a tough time when we meet her. He has a lot of anxiety that tends to surface when we are around our EM. He thinks of all that she is eating/drinking/doing while pregnant and worries about our baby. We both have faith that God has His hand on this baby, protecting him. We pray constantly that he will give glory daily in his life. We pray for his future family(wife and children) as well, that they may also give God glory in all things. Steve does hide his anxiousness well, but is very quiet. It becomes mainly a time for she and I to bond. I see the two cups of coffee that she drinks, the three cigarettes she has in two hours, and hear about the 2 liters of pop she drinks each day, the french fries she eats in the middle of the night, etc. But, somehow when we are with her, I am able to totally block that out and focus on her eyes and listen as she talks. What she is pouring in her body is out of our control, but we have a merciful Father that has His hand on our son. He will carry him through. He has carried us. He will provide all. So pray for Steve’s anxiousness about our baby’s health.

She did say that the doctor thinks this baby is around 5lbs. Praise God!!!!!! This is huge, if he is this big!!!! One of my specific prayers has been that this baby will be BIG (for his time of birth), strong, and healthy. He will have a “fight” on his hands when he arrives, for a period of time. He needs these things to fight. However, the doctor still says she is due Oct. 28, with an induction date of Oct. 16th. Steve and I just laugh now. She is not gonna make it to October. She is so tired and so big. This baby is coming this month, mark my words. Someone has some dates wrong somewhere along the line. When she was dilated less than what she is now, with her previous baby, she gave birth within 1.5 weeks she said. Of course, each birth is unique. No textbook births out there. 🙂

Please pray that we will be able to bring our son home quickly. That he will not have the huge withdrawal issues, which are predicted, and that he is just fine. Please pray for our expectant mom that she will feel peace with her decision and that she may actually get on her feet when she goes back home. She needs a place to live and a job, specifically. Please pray for our family to get all these endless projects done around here that need to be done before winter, for Steve to get everything accomplished at work in preparation for a huge, worldwide meeting coming here soon, for me to get lessons plans together and obtain music needed for a class I will be teaching at our co-op in a few weeks, for us to fit in all the dentist, dr., etc. visits that we need before baby comes, and for God to provide the funds to complete this adoption. (soon!)

Thank you so much for praying for us. As we get closer, I am sure I will be requesting even more prayers. I can’t stop asking people to pray for us! It just pours out.

We are very tired after our meeting today, but we have pushed forward this evening. Steve and the boys have been working on building our chicken house this evening. Grandma stayed and made us a wonderful dinner. I worked with the girls on collecting items to list for the children’s sale coming up in a few weeks. That is time- consuming in typing in each description of the item and then printing out the tags to pin to each item.

We received a check for $12.39 from the National Adoption Foundation yesterday! Yay! Into the adoption fund it goes!

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Today we are on a tired walk.

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