We Walk with an Amazing God

We have been super busy the past week. In fact, I jokingly have said that the next two weeks my calender is so full that we do not have time to have an early baby. 🙂 I even pointed out a couple of dates that would work well for my schedule this month. I am joking as you all know we would drop everything and run to the hospital to hold our baby as soon as we were allowed. But, for now, we continue to work like little worker ants preparing for baby and winter.

Steve and the older boys have been working on the chicken house. Those of you who have chickens, would enjoy this “house”. When Steve builds something, it is always made to last and always BIG. This thing could be a two room cabin! LOL! Building is definitely a gift of Steve’s. He has building things since I met him-2 corner cabinets, a side table, a blanket chest, a sewing chest, a gazebo, a deck, a mini-barn, a playhouse, remodeled a room in our over 100 yr. old house when we first married, redid a floor of a screened porch, put in a permanent ceiling and walls in a room, installed carpet, cabinets, flooring, and counter-tops, turkey house, chicken houses, and the list goes on. He is so talented. He never needs blue-prints, he just thinks it up in his head and builds. I wish I could see things this way. I always need to see the actual thing/picture/map, etc. before I can agree to make something. This gift of Steve’s has given us many beautiful things for a lot less money and created heirlooms in the process.

Each day we have been praying that our baby stays “inside” longer to grow his lungs and put on more weight. Amazingly, he is still hanging out inside. Our EM is really surprised that he has not come yet. With her last baby, she went much quicker when her body started preparing(she has dilated even more!) for birth. However, she didn’t have all of our friends and family praying with us for that baby to stay in longer! We serve an awesome God! He is literally holding His hand on our baby, we know it. We have started praying that not only he be born heatlhy and strong, but at least over 6lbs. This is huge as her last baby was only 4lbs. 6 ozs. We know God can do anything and even the minute details of our baby’s weight are included in what He can do.

I spent the weekend praying often about a meeting I was to have yesterday with our library. I went in to sell Usborne Books. It has been years, I mean mega-years since I have been in the “business” world and I was nervous. I prayed that God would provide me a sale of at least “x” number of dollars. Do I feel that I can demand God answer my prayers? No, but I felt led to pray this specific number and I did. He did more than that! He made my sale $260 more than I had asked for! In 30 minutes, I made over $190!!! Praise God! All of this goes to our Adoption Fund too! So thankful!

Last night we had another horse motel boarder. They came in a 12:30AM, so, we had to charge them extra for the late arrival. That was tough on our sleep pattern, but it added a few more dollars to our fund!

I was able to go elderberry picking with a dear friend here the other day. We picked in the rain, but had a great time! So thankful for you, Jennifer.

More updates? Well, we are preparing for the beginning of our homeschool co-op next week, have 6 dentist appointments over the next two weeks, have dr. visits scheduled, a food co-op order to pick up, and our church is giving us a shower on Sunday evening. As you can see, we have a full calender. And that is not even counting all the projects here on the ranch.

I am also holding a Mystery Hostess Usborne Show here on Thursday. Praying we have lots of guests and everyone enjoys our time together. This is another fundraiser for us. Boy, this fundraising is real work, I tell ya. It will be nice to just relax and not have my mind running 100 miles a minute thinking of what else we can do to raise funds for our son’s adoption.

God has continued to give us the energy and strength each day to accomplish many things. He has been answering prayers left and right too! He is awesome!

We walk with an amazing God.

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