Nearing the End and the Beginning of This Walk

I’ve been asked a lot lately how things are going with Little Guy. He is literally being held by God’s hand “inside”. Each day we pray he stays in longer to grow his lungs, get bigger (specifically praying for over 6 lbs.), and stronger. And each day he stays in, we praise the Lord! As I have told a few people when they are amazed that Little Guy is not here yet, my(our) God is amazing. He can do any thing. He can hold our baby inside longer than anyone can believe. He can bring us a big healthy baby even though his mother has many bad habits that can affect his health. My God does not live in a “box”. He is not capable of only what I can fathom, but oh, so much more. If I try to limit in my mind what God can do, I do not know the true God.

Our EM has stopped responding to texts the past 3 days. Our social worker (SW) says that she is very grumpy and hates life right now. It is hard not hearing from our EM. All we can do is keep extending a hand and praying. She did go to the doctor yesterday. She is at 3cm. dilation, baby’s heartbeat is good and strong and baby looks good, according to the doctor.

Our SW said she is amazed that our EM hasn’t had Little Guy yet. I shared with her that we have a boatload of people praying for him to stay in longer and that the power of prayer is amazing. She didn’t have any comment back. 🙂

We are still tagging items for the upcoming Children’s and Maternity sale next week. Shew. Will we ever get it all done? We are trying to sell over $600 worth of items. We receive 80% of what sells in profit towards our adoption fund! Praying! A dear lady just told me that she has two bags of clothes for the sale. I will pick them up on Tuesday from her. Thank you Melissa! We so appreciate your support!

Our church is giving us a shower tomorrow evening. We are looking forward to this time of fellowship. Thank you Robby and Lory for pulling this together to help us celebrate the coming arrival of Little Guy. We love and appreciate you so much!

We still need to get about 200 more bales of hay put up for winter. We are hoping to do that this week as we know time is short. We’ve already had 29 degrees at night here and frost. So, pray we can get this done this week before baby and winter.

Please also pray that I can get to one more library to sell some Usborne Books this week. We really need me to do this, but I already have a full plate for the week. So, pray I can squeeze it in.

We know we are coming to the end of the waiting walk now and the beginning of a life with 7 children. 🙂 We know there will be many questions over the years and even comments from strangers as our Little Guy grows up. We pray that we may raise him for God’s glory and that he may love the Lord with all his heart and mind. We pray he will raise his family someday for the glory of God too. Please pray for Steve and I to raise all of our children for the glory of God daily. Pray for us to be a light to them in this often times dark world. Pray also that our children will be lights to others in this world. Pray that others will see Jesus in them when they speak, play, work, etc. Pray they all know and love the Lord with all their heart. This is our number one priority.

We are nearing the end and the beginning of this walk.

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