Praise God for this Walk!

We had a lovely shower last night with dear friends and family. Thank you Robby and Lory for doing such a fabulous job! Thank you Hannah for the adorable diaper cake! Thank you Tommy for the stroller that I had been specifically praying for! Thank you Samuels’ Family for the adorable outfit, teethers, diapers, and so much more! Thank you Moira, Bob, Jennifer, Grandma, Jack and Doreen for sharing in our joy with us and your beautiful gifts! Thank you to all of you who sent a donation to the money tree or brought it with you last night! I am in the process of writing out the thank-yous, but I just had to say it here. Thank you for helping us celebrate this Little Guy that will be joining our family soon. God bless you all!

We now have enough to pay the agency fees!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!!! God has provided! I am still fighting back the tears. It has taken us over 16mths. of garage sales, fundraisers, selling our wool and handmade items, boarding horses in our horse motel, selling books, homeschool sales, turning in used clothing for cash, Steve working like crazy, and so much more to reach this goal! I can’t stop saying it, God provides! We serve an awesome God!

Now all we have left to pay for is the medical bills and finalization. The medical bills are totally unknown until after Little Guy arrives. Our insurance will not cover him until the EM signs the placement papers which by state law, has to be at 24 hrs. or later. We are responsible for the birth, NICU, and any other needs for her and baby until placement. Then our insurance will kick in.

We will be finalizing in 6 mths. and need to go before a judge. We will need to pay attorney fees as well.

Prayer requests:
Little Guy to stay inside longer and be healthy, big (over 6 lbs.) and strong
EM to have peace about her decision and wisdom in her choices these last few days or weeks before delivery.
That we may raise all of our children continously, for the glory of God.
That we may raise the funds to pay the medical and legal fees for Little Guy’s adoption.
That we may all work together during the early days of hospital stays and love one another, even though our burdens may be greater. Few grumpies, and lots of helpful hands!
That Steve and I may continue to have the energy and strength to walk through the hospital time with Little Guy while Grandma (who needs energy and strength too) will be home with the rest of our blessings.
That our story may encourage, inspire, and/or bless others. Let all have eyes to see and ears to hear.

We are so blessed to have you with us on this walk. Thank you for all your prayers and support! Thank you for allowing God to work through your hands, your feet, your gifts to give a child a forever family. We cannot thank you enough.

Now we wait for Little Guy to come and our EM to sign. Pray!

Praise God for this Walk!

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