The Nesting Walk

This past week has been another busy one. We took our children’s sale items down to the valley (45 min. plus away) on Thursday. After we had dropped off the items, I realized that I had left a pan on the burner, boiling a sausage before we left the house. Noone had turned it off! Yikes!!! I started calling friends that might be able to go over to the house before we got back up there and turn the burner off. Noone was available. I then accidentally got off on the wrong exit and got lost for about 30 minutes!!! I was able to reach my mil and ask her to run up and turn off the burner. She took off immediately. Meanwhile, we ended up stuck in the canyons on the highway due to a truck catching on fire! We sat there for over 30 minutes, staring at the canyon walls. Thankfully, after we returned home, we only had a smokey smell to deal with for the evening. All was safe!

Steve has been in another “world” this week. His company is having a worldwide meeting here at his plant this week. He has been working late quite a bit and even worked all this weekend. He is so focused on this meeting that it is a huge blessing that Little Guy hasn’t arrived yet! Now, after this week, he will relax and be able to enjoy a baby. 🙂

Yesterday I created a changing table. We have a table that the former owners attached to the floor in our bathroom. It has become the catch-all at times for clothes, socks, etc. Yesterday it became the changing table. I set up a changing pad, baskets of diapers, socks, gowns/sleepers, and outfits to wear. I am going to use cloth diapers except for when we are out and about or sick. So, I have been asking around to see if anyone has some cloth diapers that they are not using anymore. I have also posted on freecycle. Noone has responded yet. If you know of anyone, please send them our way.

Yesterday evening, we made a milk pick-up. A nursing mom that was visiting in a town near us, donated all her pumped milk from her two day visit. We are so thankful for this gift! This is so much healthier for our Little Guy than formula. We found this through a state milk donation connection. Yes, we will use formula too, but still God made the perfect food for babies, not man! 🙂 So, the more milk donations we can find, the better our baby will eat. The goal is to feed healthy food to Little Guy at all times!

I have also been trying to organize rooms and prepare for the upcoming birth of our Little Guy. Steve said I am nesting. Yes, I am. 🙂

We’ve also had tons of rain this past week. Very unusual for this area. But, as we always say, we bring the weather changes with us. When we moved to New England, they had a tornado that shocked everyone. We knew it was a tornado, but the locals seemed very perturbed by it. How could that have happened in New England? We jokingly told people we brought the Midwest weather with us. Now we live in this high desert and it has been raining quite a bit the past few weeks. The rain came with us on the move. 🙂 But sadly, our roof is leaking again. Ugh. We are supposed to have someone out tomorrow to fix it. That will be a relief as having a wet floor, wall and ceiling are not fun! You know it’s bad when you don’t notice that you have a bucket sitting on top of your desk catching water. So thankful that someone is coming to help us tomorrow.

Our EM called me on Tuesday and seemed very upbeat. She is having swelling in her ankles. Please continue to pray for her. She said she is just very tired and spends her days sleeping and eating. When she went to the doctor on Friday, she was at 3.5cm. dilation and baby looked good! She told me that I am probably thinking this baby is gonna be a little preemie, but she said he is “huge”. I just laughed and told her about our big babies. Not only that, but all of you out there are joining us in praying for Little Guy to hang out inside longer and we know God answers prayer!

Speaking of praying for Little Guy’s birth, can we add another specific? They will induce her on the 16th, if she has not had him by then. We will have to pay extra in medical fees if she is induced. Every penny adds up! So, will you join us in praying that she goes into labor, when the time is right, on her own?

We are still working on raising the medical fees. As I said before, we have no clue what we are looking at for the medical bill. We know many of you have begun Christmas shopping. If you would consider shopping through our links, we would be ever so grateful. You’d be getting some shopping done and also helping us pay the medical bills. Our two newest fundraisers are Trades of Hope and Coup-Aide. Make sure you check out the links!!! If you eat out, you definitely need to check out Coup-Aide! And if you like to support women coming out of poverty in other countries, you need to check out Trades of Hope!

We are on the nesting walk.

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