Walking With Adoptive Families

I just had to take a moment and blog about other adoptive families that we have been blessed to meet along our journey and others we have known for years. We so appreciate EVERYONE’s prayers and support, but I wanted to take a moment and talk about adoptive families too.

We are so blessed to watch family after family embrace adopting yet another child into their family. We are so blessed by the families that have home-businesses that they use to try and fund their adoptions as much as possible. I am so blessed to have some wonderful adoptive mamas working with me on fundraisers. They sell certain items and do fundraisers for those of us adopting and I sell Usborne and Young Living Oils and in turn get to help them out with fundraisers. We are all working so hard. Many of us have talked about how fundraising is a full-time job in the adoption world. It is.

We also have cried on each other’s shoulders. I have had some hopeful adoptive mamas say apologetically to me that they are sorry they wasted my time to do a fundraiser for them as they have not seen any or very many sales. I have told them to not apologize. It is not a waste of my time. It is a blessing to come along side them and help them raise funds to give a child a forever family.

I have also shared with them that I have shed many tears and had many doubts in this fundraising world too. I have felt so let-down at times and hopeless. But, when God calls you to something, He will carry you through. It may not be on your time or in your plans, but He has plans bigger than yours.

I have some adoptive mama friends that are still fundraising to bring home their little ones when they volunteer to do a fundraiser for our Little Guy’s medical needs! What a blessing they are in our lives! Giving while they themselves are still in need. That is true love!

I just had to take this time and say “thank you” to all our adoptive friends that have reached out to encourage us, pray for us, and fundraise for us. We so appreciate you! You are a blessing in this walk!

We are so thankful to be walking with adoptive families.

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