Please Share This Walk!

EM did not go to church today. She wasn’t feeling well, nor did she want to be around a lot of people she said. We will continue to pray that she will go next week.

I have done a little research as to what the estimated cost of a NICU day for Little Guy might be. According to some of my research it came up saying $1200 is the average for one day. Could be more, could be less. So, that means that if EM has a normal delivery (no induction or c-section), we would pay $950 for that and then at least one day (24hrs.) or two of NICU stay for Little Guy. So, a little over $3,000 would cover these expenses, it looks like! Plus, after 6 months we will finalize in court. That would be between $2500-3,000, we have been told. Maybe less? We are so close to making this adoption happen without any debt!!! It has taken a ton of prayers, work, and full-time fundraising to get to this point.

We had horses stay in our horse motel again the past few days! Thank you, Lord! More dollar bills were dropped into our adoption fund after each horse stayed. We have 3 horses booked for the end of this month too. However, we really need a more steady flow of horses. Would you all pray that we have more horses come stay with us over the next week or two?

I also have a meeting with a local Montessori school on Tuesday morning. They would like to do a book fair with me in November. Please pray that the meeting goes well and the book fair is a success in November.

Please also pray for me to find more connections-local craft fairs, preschools, day cares, schools and libraries that I may sell Usborne Books too. If you know of anyone, please let me know their contact info.! If you’d like help with fundraising, we also do fundraisers for anyone-school, sports team, etc. with Cards for a Cause or our books. Just check out my website to the right of here. I’d love to help you all out! Adoption fundraisers receive 100% of my commission with book shows online or in home!

Today I was reminded that we need to ask you all to take a moment and share our links with your friends, family , groups that you belong to, church, etc. There just might be someone that you know that would love to join us on this walk! They might like to shop through our links, pray for us, or even gift us. So, I felt led to ask you again, to please share our links with others. You just never know who might want to join in our walk.

We are still collecting cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, and ink cartridges to recycle for funds for our adoption! If you have any, please know that we would gladly take them off your hands! You would be making space in your drawer, home, and car and helping us raise the medical funds for Little Guy at the same time. I’ve even picked up a few at garage sales!

We can do this! We can bring home Little Guy without any debt!!! Let’s get to work! You’ve been following our story, now dig in and start sharing our links! Let’s bring Little Guy home without any debt hanging over our heads!

Please also pray that Little Guy does not have to go through the severe withdrawals as many babies do-seizures, stroke (if temp. gets too high), tremors, unconsolable crying, etc. Pray he may come home quickly!

Induction date is the 16th. We are praying EM goes before that as we will have to pay extra for the induction too. One day earlier would be great with us!But we know the Lord is in control.

We made it to October! We have literally been praying for OVER 4 WEEKS since everyone became so concerned that Little Guy would come early!!!! God has been holding Little Guy in longer and growing him to over 6 lbs. We just know it! We know he will be over 6lbs.! We know God has kept him inside to grow his lungs stronger as well. Our social worker is shocked. We are not. The power of prayer and our God, who we do not keep in a box, is amazing! We hope you are celebrating with us and praising God too!

Someday we will tell Little Guy the story of his adoption into our family and how hard we all worked and prayed for him. What will his thoughts be? We look forward to sharing his story with him as he grows.

Our youngest still asks “How many more days until the baby is here?”. She’s added a new question in now, “How many days until my birthday?” 🙂 Her birthday is October 25th. So, she will have a special brother to share her birthday month with now. She has told me that she can’t wait until the baby gets here and she gets to help with him.

Our older children help us prepare for the adoption by checking on our adoption jar every few days. They count the coins out to see how much we have saved for the week. They help with washing and folding the sheets, blankets, socks, sleepers, etc. They talk about him often. One son said, after putting together the stroller for us, “I hope she doesn’t change her mind after the baby is born. We’ve done so much to prepare for him. It would be devastating.” We hope so too, Son. We look at our children and think of the pain that they would go through if EM did decide to parent. We want so much to protect them. But, I am reminded of the day I started to miscarry our 7th child. One son came in to the room where I was sitting and asked about the baby that I had carried to that point about 13 weeks. I was crying and my response back to him was, “This is God’s baby and if He wants to take this baby directly to Heaven, we cannot stop it. We are not in control. He is in control. We have to trust Him.” Yes, we must trust. Open hands, open hearts!

Again, thank you to all of you who have prayed for us, given of your time to do fundraisers, gifted us with funds, and helped us make connections with others who can help us on this walk. We so appreciate your love! You are a huge blessing to us. Thank you for allowing God to work through your hearts, hands, and minds for this Little Guy to have a forever family on earth.

Again, we ask that you please share this walk!

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