Little Guy Arrived on This Walk Today!!!

While the girls and I were at our Mother/Daughter Co-op today, our social worker called home. Our son decided to call me, but Grandma said it wasn’t important and that he shouldn’t bother me. Thankfully, he did bother me! I called the social worker back and got her voicemail. Ah, phone tag, love it. Then she called me back. I left the room to answer it. She said, “He’s here!” I about fell over. What?

Apgar scores of 8 and 9. Weight: 6.14 (check out that weight…remember my specific prayer for over 6lbs.????? Is God amazing or what?) Length: 18.5inches. CHUBBY cheeks!!! Birth mom and Little Guy are doing well. She went into labor on her own. Remember our prayer for her to not be induced? Another answered prayer!

She wants to spend today with him. We may get to see him tomorrow. It is up to her. She may wait until 48hrs. after birth to sign before letting us see him. Pray for her to have peace with her decision. Pray for her to sign at 24 hrs. If she doesn’t sign until 48 hours, that will mean another day of bills for us to pay out of pocket for her and Little Guy.

Withdrawal symptoms do not kick in until around 48 hours. So, about the time she is checking out, signing papers, and we are getting to meet our Little Guy, he may be going into withdrawal issues. Pray for us! We will get to be there during the tough time of his first few days to hold him.

Name? We have named him, Seth Michael. A few of our children asked “what if she decides to parent?” We told them we would not keep the name for another baby if so. They also asked, “when is he ours?” Pray for our children’s hearts to be protected. They still remember the pain of losing two baby siblings. Pray for them.

Please keep praying for all of us. This is gonna be a long 24-48 hour wait.

Please also share our links that are to the right side here. We still need to pull together funds to cover Seth Michael’s medical needs the first 24-48hrs. before our insurance will kick in.

Some of you have asked how you can help us during this time. First, and foremost, pray for all of us! Next, we could use help with picking up groceries (Grandma will be staying with our children while we are at the hospital), cleaning (before our social worker comes for the follow-up visit after we bring Seth Michael home), maybe sitting with us at the hospital (if they allow it) while we hold Seth Michael or at least stopping by to visit us in the lobby for a minute to let us know you are still there for us, helping us get our chicken house roofed and walled, and any thing else that you can think of! We know we will be exhausted and so sleep-deprived. We will appreciate any help we can get. đŸ™‚

Wow, he’s here. Can you believe it? He’s really here, being held and loved by his birth mom and the nurses. I wonder what he sounds like? How does his cry sound? What do the nurses say about his chubby cheeks? Oh, how adorable he must be.

We are so thankful for all the prayers that the Lord has answered for our family. If you have any doubt about the God we serve, you need only to look at our amazing story and prayers answered.

I will try to post again tomorrow or Saturday. Hopefully, at that time, Seth Michael will be ours.

Little Guy arrived on this walk today!!!!

We appreciate all of your support and prayers!

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